Travis Varnadore Captures Prevatt Family Memorial

In honor of one of the founding families of the Clay by the Bay, East Bay Raceway Park conducted a special 50-lap Pro Late Model race dedicated as the Prevatt Family Memorial. The main event saw 15 cars qualify moments before the race with the top six inverted by draw after the one-lap qualifying session.

Phillip Cobb led all qualifiers with a time of 16.24 seconds as each of the top six drivers were under the 17 second barrier. Cobb would draw a four to start on the outside of the second row and it would be fourth quick qualifier Travis Varnadore who would secure the pole position for the race.

Only three cautions appeared in the 50-lap with the longest green fag period coming at the start. Varnadore was able to catch the back of the field, lapping up to seventh place. He was about to overtake teammate Steve Mathis Jr., who slowed on lap 20 for the first yellow.

On the restart, four-time feature winner Keith Nosbisch was able to slip into second and begin his pursuit. Varnadore set a torrid pace to keep the field at bay. The second caution appeared on lap 36 for a Jimmy Waldrop spin. The final yellow for a Daniel Woody spin on lap 45 set up a five-lap showdown, but no one could get past Varnadore.

A field of 24 Mod Lites proved to be the largest car count of the year as the division was making its third appearance of the 2019 regular season. Two-time feature winner Austin Martin made it a three-peat, riding the pole position to a victory. He was challenged late race by Stephen Ford, who was making his first East Bay start. Ford started in the eighth row and ended up second behind Martin. Heat races were won by Martin, Larry Hubbard III and Tim McLeod.

Robby Hoffmann switched from a 750cc engine to a 600cc powerplant with the same results as he picked up his sixth feature win of the year in the Q Auto & Injury Attroneys Wingless Mini Sprints. Hoffmann utilized gearing knowledge from his heat race to change the car to run to perfection. Zack Amundsen and Dirk Miller were first across the line in their respective heats.

Defending track champion George Handy claimed the V-8 Warrior feature in convincing fashion. It was Handy’s second main event win of the year. Handy and newcomer Rhett Wilson set the stage with preliminary wins.

For the fourth time this season, Tim Gay parked his #90 in Victory Lane for Street Stock action. Gay took the lead after one lap was complete, pushing past Matt Bozeman for the position. Nick Hebrank, who had competed in the class earlier before suffering an engine issue, was back in action, taking second a heat win. Henry Burnside won an exciting heat race for the other preliminary.

Kyle Bowman had to slip by his brother Daniel in order to claim the Studio Red Gladiator main event. It was “Mission Accomplished” for the reservist, who is serving his obligation this weekend, arriving at the track in uniform before putting on the driver’s suit. Robert Kissam and Ricky Rutledge Jr, put their names on the list of heat race winners.

East Bay Raceway Park will resume action on Saturday, June 15. Late Model Sportsman will be competing for $600 to win with Gagel’s Modifieds, Street Stock, Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Wingless Mini Sprints, Studio Red Gladiators, Outlaw 4s and Florida Old Time Modifieds in action. Race time is 6:30.


Prevatt Family Memorial: Travis Varnadore (95V), Keith Nosbisch (02), Steve Mathis Jr. (95), Phillip Cobb (03), Jimmy Waldrop (9), Clay Harris (6), Daniel Woody (29), Megan Meyer (11M), Bill Howard (45), Waylon Haynes (11), Jason Russell (75R), Andrew Hopkins (13), Raymond Folwell (3), Jesse Brown (7), Dustin Perez (8)


Feature: Austin Martin (97), Stephen Ford (86), Larry Hubbard Jr. (56), Darren Bass (14B), Brian Teeters (44T), Dalton Ellis (07), Bo Bass (25), Jeff Wolfe (83), Russell Campbell (44), Alex Cline (7A), Mason Ford (4), Jeff Bannema (5B), Fred Wilson (12), Dylan Dunn (22), Tim McLeod (28M), John Bailey (92), Christopher Dockins (87D), Ryan Long (11), Nic Ortega (7), Larry Hubbard III (77), Andrew Smith (71), Aaron Stalling (31A), Eric Serabian (49). DNS – Bill Leonard (8)


Feature: Robby Hoffmann (68B), Zack Amundsen (12), Jamie Tinkham (51), Dirk Miller (68), Steve Diamond (9), Austin Craddock (17), Bruce Comer (21), David Hall (67), Joe Bartow (10), Charles Kalck (22)


Feature: George Handy (105), Wayne Kissam (07), Gary Lucas (23), Rhett Wilson (12W), Macy Bozeman (58), Scott Bane (23B), Jason Burnside (12J), Nate Whitehurst (07W), Brian Danforth (55). DNS – Nick Brown (12)


Feature: Tim Gay (90), Nick Hebrank (24), Billy Barstow (56), Justin Rodgers (95), Mike Wilson (68), Henry Burnside (31B), Matt Bozeman (58), Mark Roadarmel Jr. (B75), Kenny Lawrence (38), Billy Ray Johnson (59), Robert Allen (98), Allen Bailey (51), Derek Gray (89), Doug Johnson (09)


Feature: Kyle Bowman (46k), Daniel Bowman (46), Kever Raulerson (99R), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Davey Martin (55), Tracey Maynard (62), Robert Zutz (47), Daniel Casey (4), Logan Casteel (7), Robert Kissam (911), Patrick Tabb (03), Rodney Martin (21), Alyssa Grant (36G). DNS – Jeff Smith (15), Tony Traina (44), Patrick Fiore (3)