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Adams Prevails on Last Lap Pass for Modified Winternationals Payday

The final night of the first week of the 2021 Winternationals brought out the best in the competitors as the biggest paydays of the week were awaiting Modified and Street Stock drivers.

The competitors had been accumulating points with each night’s action with the goal of sitting in the top six at the end of Friday night. Those positions would be automatically in the A main in their respective divisions without preliminary races and would inherit the front three rows. The rest would have a taller hill to climb to have a shot at the big payday.

The DIRTcar UMP Modifieds would have a 75-lap main event and once again, it played out as the most exciting competition of the night. On the start, two-time feature winner Drake Troutman would roll from his outside front row starting spot to take the initial lead. As the field was approaching the back on the pack on lap 10, the yellow appeared for a Jeff Mathews spin. Troutman led Lucas Lee, who had started eighth but held second, Jason Hughes and Kevin Adams for the restart. Troutman stayed out front as the race rolled past lap 20. On lap 23, Lee made his move to sweep past the race leader and move himself into a comfortable spot for the time being. The field stayed green until a lap 37 caution for a Bryan Bernhardt mishap that led track officials to call for the mandatory fuel stop. When the race resumed, Lee was not able to pull far from the field. With Hughes right on his backside, Lee pushed up on lap 38, giving Hughes the break he had been working for. Adams slipped by for second and continued his assault on the high side. Hughes had committed to the bottom of the track and ran the inner edge. A lap 61 caution reset the field and renewed the battle between Adams and Shane Burrows for second. Burrows was able to slip by momentarily, but Adams found a run on the outside to regain the spot. As the lead duo crossed the line on lap 73, the difference between Hughes and Adams was 0.001 seconds in favor of Oklahoma’s Hughes. The caution came out and Hughes held a lead of .470 seconds at the white flag. Adams moved closer to the leader in turn two as the two drag raced down the backstretch. With Hughes low and Adams high, they raced off turn four and Adams crossed by a margin 0.037 seconds to claim his second win of the week and his second consecutive Winternationals championship.

Heat race winners were Mike Potosky, Lee, Nick Allen and Jeff Mathews. B mains were won by L.J. Grimm and Beau DeYoung.

The Street Stocks contested a 30-lap feature with the top six locked in from the week’s points. New York racer Steven Deinhardt drew the pole position and made the best of it with the early race lead. Deinhardt, who had won the opening night after disqualification and finished second in the Friday feature, saw Richard Livernois slip by for the lead on lap four. It was erased by a yellow flag and Deinhardt seized the opportunity to make sure it would take more effort to wrestle the top spot. Two-time feature winner Tim Gay moved to second on lap 16 and started his effort to add another win. As the lead duo headed toward turn two on lap 22, Deinhardt spun to the infield, bringing out the caution. It was determined that contact led to the spin, sending both Deinhardt and Gay to the tail, giving the lead to Scotty Kay Jr. No one was able to get by Kay for the remaining 8 laps and the driver from Okeechobee claimed his second win of the week. Jason Harrison and Livernois were heat winners.

The next racing action for the 45th annual Winternationals will see the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series begins a six-night run on Monday, January 25. Race time is 7 p.m.

DIRTcar UMP Modifieds

Feature: Kevin Adams (40), Jason Hughes (12H), Shane Burrows (70B), Devin Dixon (313), Drake Troutman (7T), Seth Daniels (S21), Lucas Lee (12L), Mike Potosky (M20), Spencer Hughes (11), Jeff Mathews (33), Brad DeYoung (7D), Dale Kelley (22), Nick Allen (21A), Jimmy Lennex Jr. (8), L.J. Grimm (25G), Devin Wright (37), Travis Varnadore (205), Eric Moon (18M), Beau DeYoung (27), Tyler Nicely (25), Chris Wilson (20), Brayden Berry (75B), Dave Hess Jr. (44), Mavrick Varnadore (4), Bryan Bernhardt (B69), David Pollen (88)


Feature: Scotty Kay Jr. (21), Richard Livernois (71), Race McMahon (45), Austin Sanders (10D), Thomas Pratt (22), Tim Powers (26), Justin Rodgers (95), Steven Deinhardt (73), Tim Gay (90), Nick Hebrank (7), Buck Woodhouse (55), Brian Barse (5), David Hildebrant (3H), Jeff Dirkes (06), Ken Lawrence (38), Dustin Reeh (16), Michael Cherry (19c), Jason Harrison (69), Tyler Davis (55T), Jeramy Doerr (1)

Attn: Lucas Late Model participants

Please note the following policy regarding Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model activity

  1. Haulers and campers connected to the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series cannot be on the property before 12:01 a.m. Sunday, January 24 (We need the time to get the current rigs out of the pit)
  2. No one can enter the East Bay Raceway Park pit area before Noon on Sunday, January 24. At that time, there will be track staff on hand to direct everyone to proper locations.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and good luck in the 2021 Winternationals!



Troutman Uses Last Lap Pass for Return Visit to Winternationals Victory Lane

Another thrilling finish came to life in the 35-lap DIRTcar UMP Modified main on night number four of the 45th annual Winternationals at East Bay Raceway Park. For the first time this week, there was a repeat winner and it happened in both divisions.

Throughout the week, drivers had been accumulating points based on their finishes. These points would be the determining factor for lineups in the final night with the top six drivers automatically qualified for the 75-lap finale.

Going into the final night, Tuesday night winner Drake Troutman parlayed a first, second and third into the top spot in the points. At the end of the fourth night, he would still be there, thanks to a thrilling win with a last lap pass from third to first.

Devin Dixon was first on the track to qualify and set fast time of 17.097, which stood through the attempts of the remaining 47 cars. Dixon, unfortunately, drew a “4”, which put each fast qualifier into the second row. Joining Dixon as fast qualifiers of their respective groups were Travis Varnadore, Jason Hughes, Brandon Kinzer, Tyler Nicely and Troutman.

In the heat races, five of the six fast qualifiers of the group were able to advance to the A main, the exception being Dixon, who ended up fourth and relegated to the B main. Heats were won by Kevin Adams, Seth Daniels, Lucas Lee, Jimmy Lennex Jr., Matt Altiers and Dale Kelley. Dixon, who was also fifth in points coming into the night, shared a B main with two other drivers in the top six, Jason Hughes and Spencer Hughes. All three managed to qualify through the B with Spencer Hughes taking the win. The second B main was won by LJ Grimm.

At the start of the 35-lap main, it was all Lucas Lee as the Thursday night winner shot off the front row to pull away to a slight advantage before the race was stopped for a six-car pileup. Once the green returned, Nick Allen slipped into second and began his pursuit of Lee. Dixon, who had started 19th, wasted little time in using his speed to escape the back of the pack. By lap eight, Dixon had improved 13 spots and was hunting the top five. Lee and the lead pack was approaching lapped traffic on lap 12, but a three-car tangle reset the field. On the restart, Troutman pulled past Allen, but Allen came right back to secure second. Good racing for position could be found in the top eight positions with the exception of the lead. As Lee came upon the car of Matt Altiers on lap 20, the two made contact and Lee ended up stopped on the track. The spin now gave the lead to Allen with Dixon now second. Dixon took the lead on lap 21, but it was far from over. On a lap 22 restart, Troutman jumped from fifth to third as Allen moved up beside Dixon. Allen and Dixon exchanged the lead five times between lap 24 and lap 30. With only a few laps to go, Allen renewed a challenge with Troutman closing. The field took the white flag with Dixon high and Allen low, but on the exit of turn two, it was Troutman who shot past Allen, then Dixon and powered on to his second victory of the week and secured himself at the top of the point standings.

In Street Stock racing, Tim Gay became a two-time winner by capturing the 20-lap A main. Gay was able to grab the lead, backing up his heat race win. New York racer Steven Deinhardt, who ended up second in the A main for his second time this week, also won his heat.

The final night of racing will see the 2021 Winternationals champion crowned for DIRTCar UMP Modifieds and Street Stocks. Modifieds will contest a 75-lap race with Street Stocks going 30 laps. Race time is 7 p.m.

DIRTcar UMP Modifieds

Feature: Drake Troutman (7T), Devin Dixon (313), Nick Allen (21A), Dave Hess Jr. (44), Kevin Adams (40), Jason Hughes (12H), Eric Moon (18M), Tyler Nicely (25), Jeff Mathews (33), Lucas Lee (12L), Brayden Berry (75B), Jimmy Lennex Jr. (8), Brandon Kinzer (18), David Pollen (88), Spencer Hughes (11), LJ Grimm (25G), Brad DeYoung (7), Tyler Clem (14C), Mavrick Varnadore (4), Seth Daniels (S21), Dale Kelley (22), Seth Geary (7G), Matt Altiers (2A), Travis Varnadore (205)


Feature: Tim Gay (90), Steven Deinhardt (73), Race McMahon (45), Thomas Pratt (22), Paul Davis (10D), Dustin Reeh (16), Tim Powers (26), Justin Rodgers (95), Jimmy Wagner (17W), Nick Hebrank (7), Jason Harrison (69), Jeff Drikes (06), David Hildebrant (3H), Matt Bozeman (58), Scotty Kay Jr. (21), Brian Barse (5), Jerry Bruce (35), Zack Amundsen (20), Richard Livernois (71), Tyler Davis (55T)

Lucas Lee Claims 2021 Modified Winternationals Win

The third night of the 2021 Winternationals saw new winners in Victory Lane with the DIRTcar UMP Modifieds moving to a 35-lap main and the excitement of previous action staying right there.

Qualifying saw the first sub-17 second laps when fast qualifier Kevin Adams posted a 16.898 for fastest time with Lucas Lee also dropping into the 16-second bracket on his second qualifying pass with a 16.967 run. Other drivers who led their groups were Drake Troutman (17.119), Rick Aukland (18.105), Eric Moon (17.745) and Jeff Mathews (17.073).

The six heats were won by Spencer Hughes, Adams, Nick Stroupe, Eric Moon, Jason Hughes, and Lucas Lee. During the final heat, Lee posted a lap of 16.600 for the fastest circuit of the week.

B Mains were won by Bryan Bernhardt and Brayden Berry.

The night’s feature would be an extra five laps in distance, putting the 24 cars on a task to cover 35 laps. Previous night winner Kevin Adams would lead the field to the green flag, but the race would be stopped in short order for a two-car spin. Spencer Hughes took the early lead with Jason Hughes and Lee in tow. Lee swept around Jason Hughes, then went to the bottom on lap four to grab the lead. Lee was closing in on lap traffic by the 10th lap, only to get a reprieve for a caution. On the restart, Jason Hughes drove past Spencer Hughes for second and soon became a thorn in the side of the leader. The two would battle side by side, each driver giving the other the respect and room to go racing. A series of mid-race cautions kept the field from making significant progress, but there were positions changing with each lap just outside the top five. With three laps to go, it appeared the Jason Hughes would take the lead by the yellow flag changed the scenario and Lee was back up front. It would be the last chance for Jason Hughes as Spencer Hughes moved to second on the restart and Drake Troutman dispatched Jason Hughes to fourth as the checkered flag waved.

The third winner in the Street Stock portion of the Winternationals parked in Victory Lane as Scotty Kay claimed the win. The newest winner was making his first start of the year and had top battle last night’s feature winner Tim Gay for the top spot. Gay and Kay were heat winners.

The fourth night of racing will be a critical one as the final opportunity to secure points that will determine the drivers’ fates for Saturday night. The DIRTcar UMP Modifieds will again face off in a 35-lap main while Street Stocks will continue their 20-lap features. Race time is 7 p.m.


DIRTcar UMP Modifieds

Feature: Lucas Lee (12L), Spencer Hughes (11), Drake Troutman (7T), Jason Hughes (12H), Devin Dixon (313), Tyler Nicely (25), Dave Hess Jr. (44), Kevin Adams (40), Nick Allen (21A), Travis Varnadore (205), Brad DeYoung (7), Eric Moon (18M), Nick Stroupe (45), Mark Dickson (0), Brayden Berry (75B), Tyler Clem (14C), Chris Wilson (86KOC), Devin Wright (37), Jason Jack (311), Brian Skaggs (20), Bryan Bernhardt (B69), David Pollen (88), Jeff Mathews (33), Mavrick Varnadore (18)


Feature: Scotty Kay Jr. (21), Tim Gay (90), Zack Amundsen (20), Tim Powers (26), Race McMahon (45), Thomas Pratt (22), Jimmy Wagner (17W), Justin Rodgers (95), Jerry Bruce (35), Steven Deinhardt (73), Dustin Reeh (16), Buck Woodhouse (55), Matt Bozeman (58), Jeramy Doerr (1), Tyler Davis (55T), Jeff Dirkes (06), Joshua Sigler (19), Richard Livernois (71), Paul Davis (10D). DNS – T.J. Henry (57H), Jason Harrison (69)

Adams Rides the High Side to Winternationals Victory

The second night of DIRTcar UMP Modified racing saw the field grow to 49 cars and exciting racing once again took center stage.

Shane Burrows, a two-time winner in the 2020 Winternationals, set the pace with the fast time of 17.144. Group leaders included Kevin Adams (17.370), Bryan Bernhardt (17.347), Drake Troutman (17.577), LJ Grimm (17.326) and Lucas Lee (17.242).

The six heat races added to the drama of the evening with the top three from each race going into the A main. Adams rolled to the win in the first heat, but the second heat saw Bernhardt break while leading the contest, won by Chris Wilson, which sent the 2020 East Bay track champion Bernhardt to the B main. The third preliminary saw Drake Troutman back up last night’s feature win with another victory, but there was drama lurking in heat race number Four. At the start, Burrows was battling Devin Dixon for the lead when huge plumes of smoke erupted from the car, ending Burrows night. Travis Varnadore picked up the win. Fast qualifiers dominated the final two races with Grimm and Lee getting the top spots.

B Mains brought six more drivers to the 24-car A Main. The 12-lap last chance races were won by Tyler Nicely and Dave Hess Jr.

Polesitter Wilson took the early lead, only to have the field re-racked for a Jason Jack spin. Wilson was finally able to secure the top spot to complete the first lap, but the lead was short-lived. Adams took the lead on the second lap and the caution flag returned on lap three. The field couldn’t get more than a few green flag laps in as cautions started appearing too frequently. Troutman was able to slip into third during one of the green flag periods as Nicely moved from his 19th starting spot to eighth. A caution for Tyler Clem on lap 10 was followed by an issue on the restart that saw Brian Skaggs car head directly into the turn one gate. The next caution of the next lap would be the final yellow as the field kept it green to the checkered flag. Along the way, Adams stayed committed to the top line and Troutman mimicked that attempt. The field hit lapped traffic on lap 23 with most of the cars staying low to allow the leaders to pass. Troutman closed on Adams with two to go and had a run, but Adams found a little extra bite to carry him to victory by a few lengths.

Tim Gay prevailed in the Street Stock feature, building up big leads each time the caution would come. Heats were won by Gay and Austin Sanders.

Night number three will be Thursday night as drivers keep building points until Friday night in hopes of securing a top six spot for the Saturday main event. Racing action starts at 7 p.m.

DIRTCar UMP Modifieds

Feature: Kevin Adams (40), Drake Troutman (7T), Chris Wilson (86KOC), Jason Hughes (12H), Devin Dixon (313), Tyler Nicely (25), LJ Grimm (25G), Dave Hess Jr (44), Spencer Hughes (11), Seth Daniels (S21), Mavrick Varnadore (4), Mike Potosky (M20), Dale Kelley (22), Jeff Mathews (33), Eric Moon (18M), Jimmy Lennex Jr (8), Brandon Kinzer (18), Brayden Berry (75B), Lucas Lee (12L) Brian Skaggs (20), Tyler Clem (14C),  David Pollen (88), Jason Jack (311), Travis Varnadore (205)


Tim Gay (90), Race McMahon (45), Steven Deinhardt (73), Tim Powers (26), Austin Sanders (10D), Jerry Bruce (35), Justin Rodgers (95), Matthew Bozeman (58), Nick Hebrank (7), Jimmy Wagner (17W), Dustin Reeh (16), Buck Woodhouse (55), Tyler Davis (55T), Joshua Sigler (19), Jason Harrison (69), Richard Livernois (71), Zack Amundsen (20), Jeff Dirkes (06), Jeramy Doerr (1).



Troutman Top DIRTcar UMP Modified Winternationals Opener

A field of 48 DIRTcar UMP Modifieds gathered in the East Bay Raceway Park pit area on a Tuesday night to mick off the 45th annual Winternationals. The number eclipsed the 2020 turnout and featured drivers from 13 states.

Pennsylvania racer Drake Troutman set the pace in qualifying with a lap of 17.130 seconds and drew a “1” for the inversion, meaning the six heat races would start straightup as the fast qualifier in each group would be on the pole. Fast qualifiers in the remaining groups were Lucas Lee (17.144 – Group 1), Mike Potosky (17.251 – Group 3), Kevin Adams (17.415 – Group 4), Brian Skaggs (17.492) and Dave Hess Jr. (17.194 – Group 6).

The top three finisher of each of the six heat races would qualify directly for the 30-lap A main. Heats were won by Lee, Tyler Nicely, Potosky, Jeff Mathews, Seth Daniels and Shane Burrows. A pair of 12-lap B main events filled the remaining spots with those races won by Chris Wilson and Tyler Clem.

The 24-car field came down for the green, but broke ranks before the flag was waved, causing the start to be called off. A better attempt on the second try kept the flag out and the race was on. Potosky grabbed the early lead, yielding to a hard charging Nicely on the second lap. The first caution arrived on lap 4 with a Dale Kelley. On the restart, Lee took over second, but the good fortune was short lived with Lee slowing for the race’s next caution on lap 7. Lee was able to make a pit stop and return before the green flag, but found himself mired outside the top 20 on the restart.

A long green flag gave Troutman an opportunity to keep the pressure on Nicely, making the pass for the lead on lap 16. A few laps later, the leader had to begin dealing with lapped traffic and passed through with ease. The traffic got thicker as the white flag came out and Troutman moved to the top in turn, which opened the low line for Nicely. As the duo raced off turn four, Troutman was able to hold back the challenge and claim the win.

A field of 18 Street Stocks were on hand for the first of five nights of racing for the class. Jimmy Wagner and Brian Barse opened the action with wins in the eight-lap heats. Wagner held the early lead in the feature, which ran the first nine laps without a caution. The yellows started coming in bunches. Rich Livernois snuck past Wagner for the lead on lap 12, but another caution negated the pass. Livernois went back to work at the next green and wasted little time in getting back out front. From there, Livernois kept a steady line and faced little challenge, racing to a Winternationals win, a lifelong goal.

Racing action continues for night number two as the DIRTcar UMP Modifieds and Street Stocks take the track. Race time is 7:00 p.m.

DIRTcar UMP Modifieds

A Main: Drake Troutman (7T), Tyler Nicely (25), Mike Potosky (M20), Shane Burrows (70B), Jason Hughes (12H), Dave Hess Jr. (44), Bryan Bernhardt (B69), Seth Daniels (S21), Spencer Hughes (11), Devin Dixon (313), Dale Kelley (22), Tyler Clem (14C), Nick Allen (21A), LJ Grimm (25G), Jimmy Lennex Jr. (8), Chris Wilson (86KOC), Lucas Lee (12L), Kevin Adams (40), Travis Varnadore (205), Brandon Kinzer (18), Matt Altiers (2A), Jeff Mathews (33), Brayden Berry (75B), Devin Wright (37).

Street Stocks

Feature: Richard Livernois (71), Steven Deinhard (73), Tim Gay (90), Jimmy Wagner (17W), Zack Amundsen (20), Paul Davis (10D), Race McMahon (45), Justin Rodgers (95), Jason Harrison (69), Jerry Bruce (35), Brian Barse (5), Nick Hebrank (7), Buck Woodhouse (55), Dustin Reeh (16), Tyler Davis (55T), Billy Barstow (756), Joshua Sigler (19). DQ – Matt Bozeman (58)

Winternationals is Here

The 45th annual Winternationals begin tonight (Tuesday, Jan. 19). From the next five nights, there will be competition for Modifieds and Street Stocks.


On Monday night, practice saw 47 Modifieds with Lucas Lee of Paris, TN coming away with fast time of 17.021. Lee picked up a win in the 2020 Winternationals. Street Stocks were also on hand for a tune-up session.

Tuesday schedule

2:45 pm – Pits Cleared

3:00 pm – Pits Open, Registration Begins and Tech Inspection Opens

5:00 pm – Spectator Gates Open

5:45 pm – Draw Cut off and Pit Meeting

6:15 pm – Hot Laps followed by Qualifying

7:00 pm – Opening Ceremonies/Racing Begins