Smith, Sanders Top East Bay Winners

The month of May opened up with a six-division program with a special appearance by the Daytona Antique Auto Racing Association, kicking off the first of five nights of racing in the month.

Shan Smith led the parade of 604 Late Models in a caution-free contest. The 30-lap main saw Smith grab the lead early and stretch out the margin, never seeing a challenge from the second lap on. The torrid pace spread the field of cars as the feature took under 8 minutes to complete. Heats were won by Steve Mathis and Travis Varnadore. Smith becomes the second different winner of the division in 2021.

Austin Sanders jumped into the lead at the start of the 15-lap Gagel’s Open Wheel Modified main, then held off the challenge of Bryan Bernhardt to score the win. Sanders had made the commitment to run the top of the race track and made it work to grab the win. Bernhardt captured the preliminary event.

A field of 17 Street Stocks took the green for the 15-lap feature, but the field was forced to a restart after a three-car mishap in the first turn. On the start, Thomas Pratt moved out to the lead. On a mid-race restart, Pratt was bypassed by Richard Livernois and Zack Amundsen, but the pass was wiped out by a caution. Pratt soon found himself in the same predicament with Livernois becoming the new leader. Tim Gay moved past Amundsen for second at the halfway mark and began to close the gap on Livernois. On lap 14, Gay made the winning move to claim his second feature of the season. The winner had also used a last lap pass to gain his preliminary win. Livernois and Jim Baker took control of the remaining heats.

The third different winner in the Mod Lites found Victory Lane as Alex Cline overcame issues that kept him from his heat race to get to the winner’s circle. J.T. Joiner held the early lead, but spun to give the top spot to Kevin McKenzie. Cline made his move on the tenth lap and came through with the win. He was a winner in 2020, giving him victory in two consecutive seasons. McKenzie scored the heat win for his first East Bay Raceway Park win.

A wild Mini Sprint feature saw the red flag displayed as three cars tangled, sending two airborne. Stephen Thomas made a complete flip, landing back on the wheels and driving away while assistance was rendered to Chris Silva and Doug Dyal. As the racing settled down, Bruce Comer slipped past Cody Bryson to notch his third of the 2021 campaign. Comer and Easton Lebo, making his first East Bay appearance in 2021, took home heat wins.

The 15-car Gladiator main brought Wayne Kissam to Victory Lane, finishing just ahead of brother Robert. Wayne and Brittany Hart fought hard for the top spot in the first five laps before Wayne Kissam took over. The victory marks the fourth different winner in four races for the class. Hart, Tracy Maynard and Rodney Martin came home with heat victories.

East Bay Raceway Park returns to action on May 8 with 602 Late Models, V-8 Warriors, Gladiators, Q Micro Sprints and 4.6L Fords.



Feature: Shan Smith (32), Jimmy Waldrop (9), Steve Mathis (95), Doug Horton (46), Phillip Cobb (03), Raymond Folwell (3), Jimmy Wagner (17W), Terry Bronson (54B), Jason Pope (102), Waylon Haynes (11), Travis Varnadore (41), Frank Williams (6), Jesse Brown (7JR), Matt Herlong (131). DNS – Joshua Kunstbeck (11K)


Feature: Austin Sanders (64), Bryan Bernhardt (B69), LJ Grimm (25), Tim McLeod (192), Jason Pope (102), Scott Bane (23B), Paul Rivall (15R), Billy Howard Jr. (47)


Feature: Tim Gay (90), Zack Amundsen (20), Richard Livernois (71), Thomas Pratt (22), Josh Sanford (3), Jimmy Wagner (17W), Buck Woodhouse (55), Michael Cherry (19), Brad Langford (B46), Kyle Bowman (46K), Jerry Bruce (35), Dan Yannone (53), Jim Baker (69x), Justin McGauley (15), Doug Johnson (09), Robert Allen (98), Billy Barstow (756)


Feature: Alex Cline (07C), Andrew Smith (71), Dylan Dunn (22), Kevin McKenzie (41B), Rocky Scott (4), Thomas Walsh (32T), Jeff Wolfe (83), Anthony Stewart (33), J.T. Joiner (6J)


Feature: Bruce Comer (21), Easton Lebo (101E), Bryce Comer (9c), Cody Bryson (41), David Hall (67), Brad Sutton (9), Steven Thomas (7s), Jo Jo Davis (7j), Joe Bartow (3), Doug Dyal (97D), Chris Silva (26s), Charles Landis (12). DNS – Ron Leonardini (4L)


Feature: Wayne Kissam (07), Robert Kissam (911), Charles Paris Jr. (03T), Derrick Edwards (17), Brittany Hart (99), Jeff Smith (15), Daniel Bowman (46), Rodney Martin (21), Daniel Casey (3D), D.J. Taylor (00), Tracy Maynard (62), Patrick Fiore (88), Ricky Rutledge Sr. (4), Callie Gubich (513), Brett Proctor (1), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Timmy Simmons (16), Davey Martin (55), Alyssa Grant (47), Patrick Tabb (03), David Wood (21W). DNS – David Zeman (13), Logan Casteel (7)



Hill Captures Repeat Jody Robbins Memorial

It took an extra week, but competitors turned out in full force for the final night of April racing action at East Bay Raceway Park.

Seven divisions were on the revised schedule, postponed from April 17 due to an electrical issue. It meant waiting 7 more days to see who would win the Jody Robbins Memorial for V-8 Warriors.

The car count reached 23 for the division with 20 cars able to start the 20-lap A Main. Michael Hart took early command with the challenges coming from Tommy Hill and Greg Crowe. On lap 7, Hill was able to hustle by and take the lead. The race experienced a couple of caution flags by the halfway mark, meaning the leader could not build up a big advantage. On each restart, Hill was generally left alone while the battles were taking place deeper in the field. Jason Burnside fought his way to mixing it up with Crowe for second as former feature winner Nick Brown started moving from his 20th starting spot to enter the conversation. On each restart, Hill was aware of Crowe’s position and managed to keep him at bay. Burnside slipped by for second, but could not mount a challenge on Hill, who was the inaugural winner of the Jody Robbins Memorial. Heats were taken by Crowe, George Handy and Jody Robbins’ daughter Jessica Doyle.

The Gagel’s Modifieds provided a new face in Victory Lane as Tyler Clem scored his first East Bay Raceway Park feature. It was far from easy as Clem fought his way to second in pursuit of leader Jeff Mathews. With the lane choice on a subsequent restart, Clem chose the outside line which gave him the path to sweep by Mathews for the lead. In the late stages of the event, Bryan Bernhardt would capture second, a feat made even more amazing by the fact that Bernhardt relegated to the pits with damage as contact with Shane Burrows on the race’s second attempt at a start. Bernhardt was able to get back on track for the initial green, starting 13th. Bernhardt and Burrows were heat race winners.

The night was not a complete loss for Jeff Mathews, who ended up retiring late in the Modified race after contact with a spun competitor. Mathews made it three wins in a row with the victory in the 30-lap 604 Late Model main. It was a lap 13 pass on early leader Keith Nosbisch that proved to be the ticket to Victory Lane. Nosbisch and Daniel Woody had started the night with heat wins.

Eric Knight notched his first win of the 2021 season, capturing the Outlaw 4 main event. Knight was involved in a skirmish on the starting lap, but was able to continue without damage to the race car. Knight’s feature win backed up an earlier heat victory, Mark Moniz scored his first preliminary win of 2021.

Defending track champion Austin Martin returned to Victory Lane in the Mod Lite class. Martin, who missed the opener due to work commitments, showed he hadn’t forgotten anything in displaying his mastery of the East Bay oval. Martin and J.T. Joiner claimed heat wins.

Bruce Comer was a repeat winner in the Q Auto & Injury Medical Malpractice Attorneys Mini Sprints, capturing his second straight win. Comer, who would have missed last week’s event due to a previous commitment, relied on his team to help prepare the car for the main event after experiencing less than optimum performance in the heat. Dallas Casey scored his second heat win of the year.

There will be five nights of racing in May, starting with Saturday May 1. On the schedule, fans will enjoy 604 Late Models, Gagel’s Modifieds, Street Stocks, Q Mini Sprints, Mod Lites, Gladiators and the first appearance of the Daytona Antique Auto Racing Association.


Feature: Tommy Hill (5H), Jason Burnside (12J), Greg Crowe (89), Michael Hart (99), Nick Brown (12), Matt Bozeman (0), Derek Gray (189), George Handy (105), Wayne Kissam (107), Mike Wilson (68), Mark Roadarmel Jr. (81), Gary Lucas (106), Kayla Handy (104), Randy Shields (49), Cody Mezyk (40), Justoin Meeks (10), Macy Bozeman (58), Jessica Doyle (09), Kalen Maynard (2), Jeremy Simpson (124). DNS – Raymond Vann (1), Dalton Ellis (52B), Bo Anderson (95)


Feature: Tyler Clem (14), Bryan Bernhardt (B69), Austin Sanders (64), LJ Grimm (25), Seth Geary (7G), Billy Howard (47), Scott Bane (23B), Chris Bailey (77B), Tim McLeod (192), Jeff Mathews (33), Paul Rivall (15R), Anthony Bennett (7B), Doug Dyal (97D), Shane Burrows (70B)


Feature: Jeff Mathews (33), Doug Horton (46), Keith Nosbisch (02), Raymond Folwell (3), Daniel Woody (29), John Norris (87), Phillip Cobb (03c), Matt Herlong (131), Jimmy Waldrop (9), Thomas Burnside (13), Billy Boyd Jr. (ZERO), Shan Smith (32), Waylon Haynes (11), Wallace Peacock (P1), Scotty Williams (7JR), Hunter Boyd (6)


Feature: Eric Knight (7), Stephen Hohlbaugh (23s), Brian Barse (82), Percy Davis (63), Terry Burke (73), Mark Moniz (41E), James Braswell (1), Vernon Hart Jr. (D4R), Brad Button (25), Thomas Braswell Jr. (88). DNS – Fred Smith


Feature: Austin Martin (97), Jeff Wolfe (83), Thomas Walsh (32T), Coty Gray (7x), Brian Teeters (44T), Alex Cline (07), Anthony Stewart (33), Terry Joiner (6), Brodrick Kennedy (24), J.T. Joiner (6J), Cody Benoit (7). DNS – Jeff Bonnema (5B), Dylan Dunn (22), Kirk Brown (77)


Feature: Bruce Comer (21), Dallas Casey (87), Randy Thomas (4R), Jo Jo David (7J), Stephen Thomas (7S), David Hall (67), Shanna Walters (11), Charles Landis (12), Doug Dyal (3)

2020 Season Awards


Season champions and eligible top five drivers from the 2020 racing season can pick up their hardware and prizes at the track office.

2020 Final standings ( top 5)

Gladiators – Daniel Bowman, Patrick Tabb, Rodney Martin, Ricky Rutledge Sr., Bailey Purcell

Late Model Sportsman – Tanner Cobb, Megan Meyer, Cole Crawford, Forrest Gough*, Tim Dowling*

Micro Sprints – Paul Seburn, Doug Dyal, William Burnside, Jerod Meyers, Joshua Davis

Mini Sprints – Jamie Tinkham, Don R. Quinn, Bruce Comer, Mike Meyers, Ryan Meeks

Mod Lites – Austin Martin, Bo Bass, Alex Cline, Darren Bass, Andrew Smith

Modifieds – Bryan Bernhardt, Austin Sanders, Billy Howard, Drew Jackson, Dale Kelley

Outlaw 4s – Stephen Hohlbaugh, Eric Knight, Mark Moniz, Vernon Hart, Thomas Braswell Jr.

Pro Late Models – Phillip Cobb, Waylon Haynes, Jeff Mathews*, Thomas Burnside, Steve Mathis Jr.*

Sprints – Steve Diamond, Tim George, Bryan Eckley, Joe Zuczek*, Billy Bridges

Street Stocks – Billy Barstow, Buck Woodhouse, Matt Bozeman, Rich Livernois*, Doug Johnson

V-8 Warriors – George Handy, Gary Lucas, Wayne Kissam, Kayla Handy, Randy Shields

Name in italics* – Did not make required number of appearances to qualify for award.


Three drivers submitted forms declaring their candidacy for Rookie of the Year honors and met the necessary qualifications. These driver will also receive 2020 awards


Outlaw 4 – Thomas Braswell Jr.

V-8 Warriors – Kayla Handy

Gladiators – Callie Gubich

Tire Test Results

The results of the tests taken on tire samples secured from three competitors in the April 3 604 Late Model Donnie Tanner Memorial have returned.

All three competitors have been found to be in compliance with the rules and the results of the race as posted are official.

East Bay Raceway Park returns to action on Saturday, April 17.

Mathews Doubles with Donnie Tanner LM and Modified Wins

Jeff Mathews prevailed in the 50-lap main for the 604 Late Models in honor of legendary racer Donnie Tanner and then jumped into his Modified and captured a 15-lap main event, dominating both events.

The 21-car Late Model event started with Phillip Cobb as the early leader. Travis Varnadore was able to grab second from John Norris on the second lap and stay near the leader. Mathews made his pass to grab second on lap 9 and backed it up with a move to take the lead. With the green flag staying out, Mathews was able to build up a straightaway lead. Five laps later, the lead was half the track as Mathews had lapped up to the 10th spot. Jesse Brown was about to take second on lap 23 when his car slowed in turn three and Brown retired from the event. The caution flag wiped out Mathews’ big lead, but on each subsequent restart, Mathews could not be caught. Cobb, Varnadore and Doug Horton won preliminaries.

After a brief respite in Victory Lane, Mathews dashed to his Modified in the infield and picked up right where he left off. He moved into the lead in the early going and rolled to a win for a return to Victory Lane in back-to-back races. Mathews and Tyler Clem had earned heat wins.

Garrett Green captured the Q Auto & Injury Medical Malpractice, taking the early race lead. The race was red flagged when Steve Diamond and Keith Butler made contact, sending Butler into a flip. The driver was okay, but both were eliminated from the competition. For Green, it ends a yearlong dry spell since his last visit to East Bay’s Victory Lane. Green had earlier won his heat as did Andy Cobb.

Winternationals Street Stock champion Tim Gay used the outside line to move through the pack and claim the 15-lap Street Stock main event. Gay won his heat race, along with 2020 track champion Billy Barstow.

Bruce Comer was absent for the first night of competition in the Q Mini Sprints, but his car was in Victory Lane thanks to Robby Hoffmann. Come knew the pressure was on, winning his heat and backing it up with a strong run to victory in the 15-lap main. Dallas Casey opened the night with his first heat win of 2021.

The Gladiators turned up in support of the first Mama Kathy Memorial, an event in honor of a top supporter of racing and the Gladiator class who passed away in 2020. Heat wins were taken by Baily Purcell, Rodney Martin and D.J. Taylor, with Taylor making his first racing start in three years. If there was any rust on Taylor, it was gone by the time the feature rolled around. Taylor powered from third to first on the 10th lap to score the feature win.

East Bay will be dark on April 10 with racing to resume on April 17. The Jody Robbins Memorial for V-8 Warriors will pay $400 to the winner with racing action in 604 Late Models, Modifieds, Mini Sprints, Mod Lites, Outlaw 4s and Florida Old Time Modifieds.


604 LATE MODELS – Donnie Tanner Memorial

Feature: Jeff Mathews (33), Travis Varnadore (41), Phillip Cobb (03), Doug Horton (46), Raymond Folwell (3), Tanner Cobb (03c), Josh Peacock (21), Shan Smith (32), Matt Herlong (131), John Norris (87), Wallace Peacock (P1), Daniel Woody (29), Waylon Haynes (11), Ken Elletson (11E), Thomas Burnside (13), Jimmy Waldrop (9), Jesse Brown (7JR), Charlie Ally (9A), Jason Russell (75R), Brandon Yates (86), Steve Mathis Jr. (95)


Feature: Jeff Mathews (33), Tyler Clem (14), Billy Howard (47), Scott Bane (23B), Bryan Bernhardt (B69), Chris Bailey (77B), Austin Sanders (64), Doug Dyal (97D). DNS – John Bradley (X27)


Feature: Garrett Green (82), Frank Beck (89), Dylan Colding (23D), Alex Boerner (1), Shane Butler (15), Guy Bos (3k), Tim George (1*), Andy Cobb (1C), Steven Muller (50K), Chris Hahn (2), Keith Butler (19), Steve Diamond (9). DNS – Danny Jones (14), Joe Zuczek (50)


Feature: Timmy Gay (90), Zack Amundsen (20), Jerry Bruce (35), Rich Livernois Jr. (71), Jimmy Wagner (17W), Billy Barstow (756), Brian Barse (5), Michael Cherry (19), Buck Woodhouse (55), Doug Johnson (09), Kyle Bowman (46K). DNS – Robert Allen (98)


Feature: Bruce Comer (21), Stephen Thomas (7S), Bryce Comer (6), Randy Thomas (4R), Dallas Casey (87), Jo Jo Davis (7j), David Hall (67), Brad Sutton (9), Mark Reynolds (1). DNS – Joe Bartow (3)


Feature: D.J. Taylor (00), Wayne Kissam (03W), Troy Dittebrand (222), Tracy Maynard (62), Jeff Smith (15), Rick Rutledge Sr. (4), Bailey Purcell (07), Joshua Genarie (93P), Timothy Simmons (16), Patrick Tabb (03), David Zeman (13), Daniel Bowman (46), Rodney Martin (21), Derrick Edwards (17), David Wood (21W), Callie Gubich (513), Kyle Kruse (1K), Hunter Lovelady (68), Patrick Fiore (88), Davey Martin (21D), Brett Proctor (1), Jerry Moore (70), Joshua Ashmore (29), Alyssa Grant


Late Model Registration Form

East Bay Raceway Park’s 602 Limited Late Model and 604 Late Model classes will be running under the auspices of Crate Racin’ USA in 2021. All competitors are required to fill out the CRUSA Membership Form, which must be done before you compete again.

604 Competitors are considered CRUSA Late Model

602 Competitors are considered CRUSA Sportsman

Forms are to be submitted to the track office before racing.


Yates, Brown and Livernois Post East Bay Wins

The third night of the 2021 season saw two divisions make their first appearance with four classes getting a second shot in the road to the season championship.

Brandon Yates, a former Outlaw 4 track champion, posted a second place run in his first appearance in the 602 Limited Late Models two weeks earlier and tonight did it one better by winning the 15-lap main after taking the heat win. With the win, Yates moved into the top spot in the division point standings.

A photo finish in the V-8 Warrior main topped the thrills on the night as Nick Brown edged Jason Burnside on the final lap. Burnside had led the bulk of the race, holding off challenges of Juston Meeks until Meeks spun just past the halfway mark. That moved Brown to second and a new challenge emerged. Brown was able to slip by on the bottom, but the appearance of a caution flag for a Cody Mezyk spin negated the pass. With few laps remaining, Brown had to quickly renew the challenge, grabbing the lead at the line to complete lap 13. The lead was short-lived as Burnside edged back out front under Derek Powell’s white flag. Brown again went to the bottom down the backstretch and appeared to have the advantage, but a last effort by Burnside nearly changed the outcome. Heat winners were Meeks and Gary Lucas.

The first Street Stock point race of the year saw the same winner in Victory Lane as the opening night of 2020. Rich Livernois Jr. was able to keep a hard-charging Zack Amundsen at bay, keeping the winning line down low. Amundsen and Michael Cherry were heat winners.

William Burnside was the early leader of the Q Micro Sprint 15-lap main. Doug Dyal, who won the feature two weeks previous, slipped past Paul Seburn for second and began to pursue Burnside, who had built up a lead. Dyal was able to catch the lead and move inside on lap 9, but a Joshua Davis incident reset the field. It took Dyal three laps before he could mount a serious challenge, slipping by for the lead on the backstretch and rolling to his second consecutive main event. Dyal and Seburn had taken preliminaries.

The 4.6L Ford class got its start on the year as Jesse Brown of Clewiston doubled down with a heat win and the 15-lap main event. Brown expressed how much he loved coming to East Bay despite the three-hour tow and thanked his wife for convincing him he needed to race again.

The Gladiator main event brought Charles Paris back to Victory Lane. “I’ve never had a Bomber that raced as good as this one,” he said after his 15-lap main win. The feature saw 23 cars take the green with Paris, Patrick Tabb and Robert Kissam owners of heat race wins.

Racing action continues with special events on the schedule for 604 Pro Late Models and Gladiators among the action. The annual Donnie Tanner Memorial will have the Late Models going 50 laps for $2,000 to win. Gladiators will be racing for increased purses in the Mama Kathy Memorial, honoring the late benefactor of many teams who passed away in 2020 (Fans are encouraged to wear purple in support). There will be racing the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Q Auto & Injury Medical Malpractice Attorneys Sprints, Mini Sprints and Street Stocks. The Easter Bunny will be on hand as drivers hand out candy to kids on the frontstretch at intermission.


Feature: Brandon Yates (86KOC), Dewayne Dempsey (10), Skyler Camper (28), John Wayne Haynes (52)


Feature: Nick Brown (12), Jason Burnside (12J), George Handy (105), Derek Gray (189), Wayne Kissam (107), Juston Meeks (10), Kayla Handy (104), Cody Mezyk (40), Bo Anderson (95), Gary Lucas (106), Kalen Maynard (2), Mark Roadarmel Jr. (81), Mike Wilson (68)


Feature: Richard Livernois Jr. (71), Zack Amundsen (20), Jerry Bruce (35), Buck Woodhouse (55), William Pugh (15), Robert Allen (98), Doug Johnson (09), David Hildebrant (3H), Trent Wilson (39), Michael Cherry (19). DNS – Kyle Bowman (46K), Tyler Davis (8)

Q Micro Sprints

Feature: Doug Dyal (97D), William Burnside (13), Paul Seburn (23), Mike Meyers (0), Jo JO Davis (7), Wade Evans (20x), Joshua Davis (9), Clifford Evans (24), William Brannon Jr. (60)

4.6L Fords

Feature: Jesse Brown (29), Cody Benoit (2), Richard Pressley (24), George Christensen (92), Chris Oncken (883)


Feature: Charles Paris (03T), Daniel Bowman (46), Patrick Tabb (03), Brittany Hart (99), Robert Kissam (07), Rodney Martin (21), Hunter Lovelady (68), Alyssa Grant (47), Jeff Smith (15), Derrick Edwards (17), Logan Casteel (7), Tracy Maynard (62), Rick Rutledge (4), David Zeman (13), Callie Gubich (513), David Wood (21W), Joshua Genarie (93P), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Kyle Kruse (1K), Timothy Simmons (16), Daniel Casey (3D), Patrick Fiore (88), Jerry Moore (70). DNS – Davey Martin (55)

Condolences of recent losses

Our deepest sympathy goes out to two members of our racing family.

David Schmauss, one of our Veteran drivers here at East Bay lost his wife Cathy this week.

Steve O’Lone, our techman, lost his dad this week as well.

Our thoughts and prayers are with both of these families during these difficult times.”
Services for Richard O’Lone (Steve O’Lone’s Father)
Moss Feaster Funeral Home
693 S. Belcher Road
Clearwater, FL  33764
Thursday, March 25
Gathering at 10:00 AM
Service at 11:00 AM
Details for Cathy Schmauss will be coming soon