Gary & Dee Gay Memorial


Gary & Dee Gay Memorial Race

Official Finish

Feature – Rich Pratt (0). Chad Thrash (05), Dalton Peavy (9), Jeff Conyers (47), Tim Powers (44), Rich Livernois (71), Devin Dixon (90), Stephen Hohlbaugh (75), Brian Morgan (9M), David McCormack (26), Thomas Pratt (22), Jeremy Morgan (92), Donnie Oden (21D), Tommy Hill (1H), Kyle Bowman (46k), Bob Robertson (19), Rodney Wing (12), Matt Bozeman (58), Cody Allen (68), Ivedent Lloyd (21), Mike Stalnaker (8), Carter Mena (41B), Dillon Ussery (71D), Mark Whitener (57). DNQ – Chris Livernois (70), Ricky Roberts (13R), Justin Scarberry (24), Josh Jones (05), Hayden Moran (45), Jerry Bruce (350, Daniel Bowman (46), Nevin Gainey (17). Justin Rogers (95), Tyler Sistrunk (37), Thomas Burnside (13), Tracey Bowman (308). Donovan Long (15), Nick Hebrank (7)


Feature – Ryan Baker (54), Rhett Wilson (1x), Coty Gray (2x), Raymond Rogers (911), Michael Hart (99), Juston Meeks (10), Raymond Vann (1)


Feature – Robert Kissam (911), Devon Baker (05), Randy Tyler (22), Wayne Kissam (07), Jeff Smith (15), Davey Martin (55), Patrick Tabb (03), Jennah Santos (14), Tracy Maynard (62), Rodney Martin (21), Mark Desautels (711), Michael Kurpiewski (20K). DNS – Morgan Hill (90), Logan Hill (1H)


Bob Robertson ($100 from Billy Barstow for oldest driver in A main)

Devin Dixon  ($150 from Mike Langshaw as leader on lap 15, $90 as heat race winner from A & B Automotive)

Chad Thrash ($300 as halfway leader from Boyd’s Fabrication ($200) and RCP America ($100), $100 as leader of lap 52 from Duke & Linda Maramen, $200 as fast qualifier from United Speedworld, Bolt Box as lap 35 leader from ATC Fasteners/Steven Brendle)

Matt Bozeman ($100  as first car to go lap down from Let’s Go Carl Podcast)

Carter Mena ($100 as hard failer from Brian Morgan, $90 as heat race winner from A & B Automotive)

Stephen Hohlbaugh ($200 as hard charger from Slapshots Air ($100) and RCP America ($100))

Kyle Bowman ($120 as last car to take the checkered flag from Mike Horne/GoFast Photos ($60) and Chris Bailey/C & W Racing ($60), $25 as 15th place finisher from Racecar Engineering)

Mark Whitener ($100 as first car out of the race from Tim Powers, $100 for best looking car from Austin Sanders/Bodies by Gage)

Donovan Long ($100 as longest haul (705 miles) from Rustic Roadhouse)

Chris Livernois ($25 as first non-transfer from Racecar Engineering)

Rich Pratt ($25 as feature winner from Racecar Engineering, $90 as heat race winner from A & B Automotive)

Tim Powers ($25 as fifth place finisher in A Main from Racecar Engineering)

David McCormack  ($125 as 10th place finisher from Beck Land Services ($100) and Racecar Engineering ($25))

Jeremy Morgan ($100 as 12th place finisher from Tommy’s Handyman Service/Nick Brown)

Ivedent Lloyd ($25 as 20th place finisher from Racecar Engineering)

Jeff Conyers ($100 as 10th place on lap 35 from In Memory of Memphis/Paul & Tessa Davis}

Dillon Ussery ($100 as 23rd place finisher from Crown Royal)

Rodney Wing ($90 as heat race winner from A & B Automotive)