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Results of Sept. 16


Q Auto & Injury Medical Malpractice Attorneys Sprints

Feature – Dustin Burtron (97), Tim Holston (51), Joe Zuczek (50), Austin Martin (97M), Keith Butler (71), Trey Meredith (11), Tyler Porter (99), Ken Ives (28), Steve Muller (29), Steve Diamond Jr. (9), A.J. Maddox (82), Danny Jones (14).


4.6 Fords

Feature -n Austin Slaggy (97), Jason Skovran (49), Mike Wilson (68), Brandon Wolfanger (3), Macy Bozeman (13), Daniel Wilson (53), Sean Osteen (22), O.G. Appling (K9), Josh Genarie (93P). DNS – Austin Dunham (71)

Street Stocks

Feature – Thomas Pratt (22), Jeff Conyers (470, Tommy Hill (1H), Stephen Hohlbaugh (75), Thomas Burnside (13), Buck Woodhouse (55), Ricky Roberts (13R), Billy Barstow (756), Rich Livernois (71), Josh Jones (05), Matt Bozeman (58)

Mod Lites

Feature – J.T. Joiner (6j), Yuri Tulchin (3j), Anthony Stewart (33K), Marcus Wise (82), Mike Dean (28), Terry Joiner (4), Jeff Bonnema (5B), Bob Goodwin (114), Ben Blalock (11)


Feature – Derrick Edwards (17), Wayne Kissam (07), Patrick Tabb (03), Kayla Jones (412), Rodney Martin (21), James Paris Jr. (309), Callie Gubich (57), Jennah Santos (14), Josh Genarie (22), Tim Ross (19), Ricky Rutledge (4), Devon Baker (05), Jordenn Maher (13), Charles Paris Jr. (15), Logan Hill (11H), Robert Kissam (911), Michael Kurpiewski (20).

Results of Sept. 9


604 Late Models – Ashton Winger (33), Travis Varnadore (41), Devin Dixon (2), Matt Herlong (131), Kenny Monahan (31), Scotty Williams (7jr), Steve Mathis Jr. (95), John Norris (87), John Wayne Haynes (52), Kevin Strife (46s), Philip Cobb (11), Cole Crawford (4), Joshua Kunstbeck (9W), Steve Brendle (17ss). DNS – Jesse Foster (14j), D.j. Sanders (48)

V-8 Warriors – Jason Burnside (12j), Ryan Baker (54), Michael Hart (99), Raymond Vann (1), Daniel Bowman (46), Jerry Rogers (92c), Justin Scarberry (24), Roy Woodhouse (55R), Collin Kruse (92), Macy Bozeman (58), Chad Rose (G18), Cody Mezyk (40), George Handy (36), Austin Dunham (71), Kyle Peacock (17). DNS – Kyl;e Peacock (18), Kyle Kruse (18k)

Outlaw 4s – Vernon Hart Jr. (48), Brian Barse (82), Mark Moniz (41E), Rachelle Rudolph (77), Brad Button 925), Derrick Edwards (17T), Terry Burke (73), Thomas Braswell Jr. (72), Randy Johnson (1), Joshua Kunstbeck (21). DNS – Doug Johnson (2)

Gladiators – Charles Paris Jr. (15), Wayne Kissam (07), James Paris (309), Kayla Jones (412), Josh Genarie (03g), Randy tyler (22), ricky Rutledge (4), A,J. Pollard (55AJ), Tim Ross (19), Jordenn Maher (13), Richard Ross (9), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Derrick Edwards (17), Jennah Santos (14), Callie gubich (57), Rodney Martin 921), Patrick Tabb (03), Davey Martin (55), Michael Kurpiewski (20), Robert Kissam (911). DNS – Alex Bernard (2)

Florida Old Time Modifieds – Danny Bowman (00), Jeff Firestein (8), Scot Finley (27), Charlie Sanders (7a), Bobby Moyer (16), Rob Taylor (22). DNS – Jason Smith (289), Jamie Frankland (1), Mark Buzbee (11)

Back in Action!


The 2023 racing season resumes this Saturday (Sept. 9) after a long mid-summer break. The return to action showcases a 50-lap feature event for the 604 Late Models plus a full slate of competitive racing in V-8 Warrior, Outlaw 4, Gladiator and Florida Old Time Modified divisions.

Pit gates open at 4:30 with the grandstands opening at 5 p.m. Hot laps will begin at 6 p.m. with opening ceremonies underway at 6:30.

The racing at the Clay by the Bay offers a family-friendly bargain as kids 12 and under are free with a paying adult. Standard adult admission is $17, Seniors (age 55 & up) and military with proper i.d. are $15 and teens (13-17) get in for $10.

The 2023 schedule has two additional nights of racing in September (16th & 30th) with three nights in October (No racing October 28). The November schedule features racing through the first three weekends with a special monster truck show happening on Nov. 24-26 (details to be announced). The final two weeks of racing happen in December 2 & 9 including an early arrival of Santa Claus on the final night of competition.

An addition to the schedule sees the Florida Dirt Legends Series added on Nov. 18. Top Gun Sprints will make appearances in October, November and December.

Jean Lynch

Jean Lynch, 88, of Washington Township, Apollo, PA died unexpectedly June 20, 2023 in Juniper Village, Monroeville, PA. Born February 8, 1935 in Markle, PA, she was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Vandergrift. Jean was fiercely dedicated to two things: family and dirt track racing. Taking her grandsons to various baseball games, practices, and training camps was a real joy for her. You could always find her sitting in a lawn chair, cheering on her grandsons and scoring the game (the umpire double checking the count with her), then hosting a family cookout on her side porch, with sweet tea, and as always, a dessert. She cherished family vacations to Jupiter Beach, Florida, making cinnamon pies and stocking the refrigerator with apricot juice.

Auto racing has been a passion of hers since she married Ed Lynch Sr., who became an accomplished race car driver, also known as the original “Apollo Rocket”. Jean found a niche for herself in auto racing, which grew into a career for her as a general manager/promoter, board member, racing official, publicist and scorer for various tracks and racing associations such as: NASCAR, Championship Auto Racing (CART); ten years at Indianapolis Motor Speedways’ Indy 500; Al Gerbers’ Race of Champions for modified stock cars; All Star Circuit of Champions (ASCoC) and coordinator of the Ohio Sprint Speedweek; NY D.I.R.T. Modifieds and East Bay Raceway’s Winter Nationals

Jean was a general manager/promoter at racetracks in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Florida; rented facilities and promoted races at 9 different tracks. She was truly a pioneer, legend, and a great ambassador to the sport, not only in Western PA, but nationally.

Master Deputy Robert L. Howard

Statement from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department
It is with deep sadness that we share with you, the passing of Master Deputy Robert L. Howard. Surrounded by his son Deputy Robert “Bo” Howard, II, family, and loved ones, Master Deputy “Bobby” Howard, 53, succumbed to injuries he sustained from a traffic crash on Friday, June 23, 2023, while off-duty, traveling to a planned engagement.
“Master Deputy Howard, with more than 17 years of service, served the citizens of Hillsborough County with distinguishment and the utmost professionalism,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “His dedication to the Sheriff’s Office and commitment to our mission to protect and serve were without question. We will hold his family and friends in our hearts as they walk this difficult path. I pray with each of you, that together we will find the strength to persevere through this difficult time and celebrate the life and lasting legacy of Master Deputy Howard.”
(Image courtesy of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page)
East Bay Raceway Park staff and management sends its condolences to family and many friends through these difficult times.


While the June 17 event was considered a complete show before rain cancelled three of the scheduled features, a schedule change has been made to give the three classes a make-up date.

1 – 604 Late Models – An additional date has been added to the schedule on Sept. 30 as a makeup for the June 17 event. On that night, it will be features only for Late Models, using the lineup from June 17. Any additional cars will be added to the back of the field.

The previously scheduled Sept. 9 event is not impacted by the June 17 and will be a separate event.

2 – V-8 Warriors and Gladiators will have double features on Sept. 30, using the lineups from June 17.

3 – DRIVERS ONLY from the three affected divisions may use their wristbands from June 17 at any event up to and including September 30.

Results of June 17


Feature – Jason Jack (54), Bryan Bernhardt (B69), Austin Sanders (64), Seth Geary (69), Jeff Mathews (33), David Pollen (88), Tim Gay (90), Billy Howard (47), Patrick Passanise (333), Randy Shields (49), Cam Canova (07), Chris Bailey (77B), Tim McLeod (192), Mason Love (0L), Roger Crouse (9)


Feature – C.J. Permann (007), Stevie Throop (55), Tyler Geary (264), Ben Blalock (11), Peirce Aiken (25), Jeff Bonnema (5B), Justin Thibodeau (74), David Rodriguez (69), Bob Goodwin (114), Charles Permann (37), J.T. Joiner (6J), Tom Manning (54), Steve Throop (15), Wayne Smith (7B), Larry Hubbard Jr. (56). DNS – Terry Joiner.

Rain arrived for the third time as the V-8 Warriors were on parade lap, causing the remainder of the program to be cancelled with the decision made at 10:30 after efforts to return the track to raceability were nullified by returning showers.

The next scheduled event is Saturday, Sept. 9.