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Help Wanted

Saturday night positions available  – Must be 18 & up – Immediate openings

Infield wrecker/tractor operator

Bar back for beer stands

To apply, please call track office at (813) 677-7223 and speak to Janet during office hours (Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)



Beginning May 21, 2022, operational hours for events at East Bay Raceway Park will change to a summer schedule. This will be in effect until further notice.

Pit Gates open at 6 p.m.

Grandstand gates open at 7 p.m.

Driver’s Meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m.

Hot laps will begin at 8 p.m.

Racing will begin immediately following hot laps and opening ceremonies.

Program will be run with no intermission.

These steps are being taken to allow for optimum track surface conditions and to alleviate time that spectators spend in the summer heat awaiting track action.

At this time, there are no planned alterations to the existing schedule. However, if factors warrant, there may be changes including reduction of classes on a scheduled night.

It is incumbent on everyone to do their part to make this program work, which will benefit everyone involved.

East Bay Raceway Park management thanks you for your support.

Results of May 14


Donnie Tanner Memorial – Tanner Cobb (03), Doug Horton (46), Matt Herlong (131), Larry Hubbard Jr. (56), John Norris (87), Cole Crawford (4), Jackie Nosbisch Jr. (12), Steve Mathis Jr. (95), Thomas Burnside (13), Travis Varnadore (41). DQ – Daniel Woody (29), Jeff Mathews (33), Jesse Brown (7Jr)


Feature: Darrick Hubbard Jr. (11H), Ben Blalock (02), Anthony Stewart (33K), Bob Goodwin (114), Larry Hubbard Jr. (56), Dylan Dunn (22), Jeff Bonnema (5B), David Rodriguez (69), Frank Winewski (16), Jeff Wolfe (83), Brent Lavy (X8), Bo Bass (41B), Roderick Kennedy (84), Tyler Gilbert (31G), John Atherton (9), Marcus Wise (82), Tom Manning (99), Codey Benoit (5X), Chase Nornberg (78), J.T. Joiner (6J), Roger Wolfe (85)


Feature: Raymond Vann (1), Mike Wilson (68), George Handy (105), Jason Burnside (12J), Cody Gibson (40), Wicked Wayne (07), Dylan Scarberry (25), Daniel Bowman (46), Macy Bozeman (58). DNS – Justin Scarberry (24)


Feature: William Burnside (13), Chris Kennedy (2), Michael Mason (3), Cliff Evans (97), Mike Mergaert (4M), Wade Evans (5), Rudy Rodriguez (1). DQ – Zach LaRose (33Z)


Feature: Charles Paris Jr. (03T), Thomas Adams Jr. (T2), Rodney Martin (21), Patrick Tabb (03), Socks Dittebrand (222), Davey Martin (55), Calvin Moore (70), Derrick Edwards (17), Callie Gubich (09), Jeff Smith (22), Wicked Wayne (07), David Wood (21W), Percy Davis (63), Jerry Moore Jr. (70M), Logan Casteel (7), Robert Kissam (911), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Brett Proctor (1). DQ – Brandon Wolfange (15). DNS –Ricky Rutledge Sr. (4)

Results of April 23, 2022


Feature: Danny Martin Jr. (24), Brandon Grubaugh (G6), Garrett Green (82), Frank Carlsson (20c), Robbie Smith (6S), Tyler Clem (14C), Joe Zuczek (50), Luke Hill (41), Steve Diamond (9), Shane Kreidler (52), Bryan Eckley (12B), Dustin Burtron (97B), Danny Jones (14), Bill Bridges (1), Stephen Thomas (2T), Troy Thompson (T15), Ric Voisey (96), Ashlynn Durden (17D), Nathan Barouch (13), Jeff Bye (26), Chris Hahn (2), Andrew Griffin (32), Matt Wedgewood (15W). DNS – Bob Martin (10TRB)


Feature: Jason Burnside (12j), Juston Meeks (10), Derek Gray (189), Mike Wilson (68), George Handy (105), Wicked Wayne (07), Roy Woodhouse (55R), Daniel Bowman (46), Justin Scraberry (24), Macy Bozeman (58), Cody Mezyk (40), Michael Hart (99), Raymond Vann (1)

Feature: Larry Hubbard Jr. (56), Bo Bass (41B), Codey Benoit (5X), Bob Goodwin (114), Dylan Dunn (22), Terry Joiner (6), Anthony Stewart (33K), J.T. Joiner (6j), Jeff Wolfe (83), Tommy Manning (99), David Rodriguez (69), Jeff Bonnema (5B), John Atherton (9), Marcus Wise (82), Roger Wolfe (85). DNS – Johnathan Kohutich (7x)


Feature: Chris Kennedy (2), William Burnside (13), Mike Mergaert (4M). DNS – Rudy Rodriguez (1), Zach LaRose (9), Michael Mason (3)


Feature: Derrick Edwards (17), Wicked Wayne (07), Troy Dittebrand (222), Thomas Adams (T2), Rodney Martin (21), Calvin Moore (70), Robert Kissam (911), Patrick Tabb (03), Jerry Moore (70M), Randy Tyler (22), John Glann (81), Percy Davis (63), Ricky Rutledge (4), Patrick Fiore (88), Davey Martin (55), Charles Paris Jr. (03T), David Wood (21W), Rickey Rutledge Jr. (124), Black Flag Bubba (24), Callie Gubich (09), Jeff Lacey (99)

2021 Trophies

Attention 2021 Track champions and eligible top 5 drivers – trophies can be picked up at the track office on Saturdays when we are racing or during the week Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. Trophies for Rookie of the Year will be available at a later date.