2023 Media Credentials

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2023 East Bay Raceway Park Winternationals Media Credential Request Form

I am requesting the following media credentials (please check all that apply):

Reporter: ______ Photographer: ______ Other: ______

Newspaper: ______ Magazine: ______ Television: ______ Radio: ______ Online: ______

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Name of Organization/Affiliate: _____________________________________

Title: ______________________________________________________________

Phone number: ____________________After Hours:_______________________

Web Address of Organization: ________________________________________

Fax Number:__________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________


Email: ______________________________________________________________

Referred by: _______________________ Phone#: ________________________

Request need to be submitted 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event:

Date Submitted: _____________ (Check one) Emailed: _________ Faxed: __________

Approved Photographer Credentials will need to provide a disc of all photos to East Bay Raceway Park. I hereby grant East Bay Raceway Park to use my photographs in any and all publications, including web site, promotional material, etc. without payment or any other consideration of perpetuity. I hereby authorize East Bay Raceway Park to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute these photos. I agree not to sell photographs on East Bay Raceway Park property. ________ (Initial)

Which event/events will you be covering:

Date:______________________ Event: _________________________

Date:______________________ Event: _________________________

Did you cover the 2022 Winternationals? Yes / No (circle one)

If Yes, please submit your photos or articles, of last year’s events with media request form.

We will notify you by email to confirm your credentials. Once approved if unable to attend please call our office to cancel credential request.

_______________________________________ _________________

Signature Date
Thank you for your interest in covering East Bay Raceway Park Events. We look forward to working with you and your staff.

Al Varnadore

Office: 813 677-7223
Media Credential Request

Media Guidelines

Broadcast of any electronic news-gathering that involves digital capture, film, videotape, and/or audio recording in any format or combination of formats shall be limited in length to no more than one finished minute in duration per day, with no segment exceeding fifteen seconds. Any use of such media must be time delayed, i.e., no sooner than at least three (3) hours after the happening of the event depicted. The media must not be available for downloading.