Tampa Monster Truck Fall Nationals

East Bay Raceway Park will be the site of the Tampa Monster Truck Fall Nationals, presented by 2 Xtreme Racing, on November 21 with two shows.

Complete details can be found on the information page.

Tickets can only be purchased at this online location.

This event is independent of East Bay Raceway Park operations. Please consult the information sheet for details and contact information with any questions.

Winternationals Entry Forms Available


Entry forms are now available on the website for the 45th annual Winternationals, to be held January 18-February 20, 2021.

Registration forms for Open Wheel Modifieds, Street Stocks, 604 Crate Late Models, Top Gun Sprints, 360 Sprints, 602 Crate Late Models and V-8 Warrior/Thunderstock classes can be found here.

Registration for Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series and All-Star Circuit of Champions will be handled by the respective sanctioning bodies. No pre-registration is required for Micro Sprints, Mini Sprints and Gladiators at this time.

Complete schedule of events, ticket availability and other information about the 2021 Winternationals can be found here.

Please note: Tampa is hosting the NFL Super Bowl on Feb. 7, which may impact lodging prices and availability.

Powers Repeats as Gary Gay Memorial Champion

A field of 30 Dirt’s 4 Racing Street Stocks gathered Saturday night at East Bay Raceway Park for the third annual Gary Gay Memorial race, which would pit a 24-car field into a 35-lap battle.

The top four finishers in each of the heat races moved on to the main event, leaving 14 cars to compete for the final eight spots. Heats were won by 2018 Gary Gay Memorial champion Tim Gay, top D4R Street Stock contender Brian Morgan, Zack Amundsen and Justin Rodgers. Paul Davis would prevail in the 12-lap B main.

Gay and Morgan would lead the field to the green for the start of the event, which was slowed for an incident and led to a complete restart. When the green came out to stay, Gay had the lead as Amundsen proved to be the first challenger. Morgan would soon slip by to grab second. A lap seven restart gave Morgan the opportunity he wanted as he bypassed Gay for the lead. Defending race champion Tim Powers added his name to the list of contenders, grabbing second on lap 10. Gay and Powers would swap positions throughout the next 10 laps as Morgan tried to get away from the battle.

On lap 19, Gay charged to the outside to bypass Morgan for the lead. Morgan was biding his time and hitting his line, waiting an opportunity, which came on lap 24. Morgan got back in front, but it was a short-lived advantage as Gay returned to the top spot. It would be Morgan’s turn a lap later and he would stay in charge while Powers slipped past Gay on lap 27. As the field came to the white flag, Powers vaulted past Morgan and the two set off for an exciting conclusion. Powers would not be denied and came home with the $1,390 winner’s share.

Powers revealed in Victory Lane that he had retired, his old car was the one Brian Morgan was driving and he had no intention of competing in the race, planning only to support the competitors and the Gay family. Unfortunately, David McCormack, who normally drives the car Powers took to Victory Lane, was ill and asked Powers to fill in as a last-minute substitute. Powers may retire again, but, if he does, he goes out a champion.

A field of 18 Pro Late Models gave a thrill to the Saturday crowd as fast-paced action dominated the 30-lap feature. The race went 21 laps before seeing the first caution with action all around the speedway. Steve Brendle had the early race lead until Keith Nosbisch swooped by on lap 8. As the race stayed green, Jeff Mathews closed in and Ivedent Lloyd added another dimension to the top three challengers. When the caution flew for Thomas Burnside, the field bunched for a dash to the finish. It took one lap for Mathews to assert himself to the lead and move on to his second Pro Late Model main event of the season. Heat races were claimed by Nosbisch, Tanner Cobb and Mathews.

Defending track champion Robby Hoffmann returned to action as a fill-in driver for Bruce Comer and made his way back to Victory Lane. Hoffmann, whose lone previous appearance in 2020 also resulted in a feature win, had to deal with tough competition from Jamie Tinkham in the early stages of the race. Tinkham and Kenny Brewer were best in the heat races.

Patrick Tabb notched his third win of the season in the Gladiator main event. Tabb slipped past Wayne Kissam to cruise for the win, adding the main event to his earlier heat race win. Rodney Martin also gathered in a heat victory.

Dan Darnell prevails in the Florida Old Time Modifieds, winning the heat and feature.

Racing action resumes on Saturday, October 24 with the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Outlaw 4s, V-8 Warriors, Q Micro Sprints and Gladiators. It will also be “trick or treat” night as children will be visiting cars on the front stretch for candy with social distance protocols in effect.

3rd Annual Gary Gay Memorial/Dirt’s 4 Racing Street Stocks

Feature: Tim Powers (26), Brian Morgan (9), Tim Gay (90), Richard Livernois (71), Scotty Kay Jr. (69K), Thomas Pratt (22P), Billy Barstow (756), Cody Allen (7x), Jared Meyer (2), Buck Woodhouse (55), Ken Lawrence (38), Jacob Bell (77), Marco Reyes (93R), Justin Rodgers (93), Henry Burnside (31), William Pugh (15), David Barwick (89), Mike Wilson (68), Anthony Bennett (97B), Shan Smith (7s), Zack Amundsen (20Z), Paul Davis (10D), Jerry Bruce (35B), Shane Nichols (65)


Feature: Jeff Mathews (33), Keith Nosbisch (02), Ivedent Lloyd Jr. (21), Phillip Cobb (03), Steve Brendle (141), Doug Horton (46), Tanner Cobb (03c), Adam Boyd (6B), Jimmy Waldrop (9), Brenden Smith (17ss), Wallace Peacock (P1), Shan Smith (32), John Norris (87), Waylon Haynes (11), Hunter Boyd (6), Megan Meyer (11M), Thomas Burnside (13). DNS – Larry Perry Jr. (21P)


Feature: Robby Hoffmann (21), Jamie Tinkham (51), Kenny Brewer (45), Brian Baxter (98), Mike Meyers (6), Randy Thomas (4), Don R. Quinn (33), Ryan Meeks (12), JoJo Davis (7J), Donnie T Quinn (33D)


Feature: Patrick Tabb (03), Wayne Kissam (07), Robert Kissam (911), Rodney Martin (21), Ricky Rutledge Sr. (4), Tracy Maynard (62), Troy Dittebrand (222), Derrick Edwards (17), Patrick Fiore (88), Davey Martin (55), Alyssa Grant (47), Robert Grant (36), Callie Gubich (513), Hunter Lovelady (68), Daniel Bowman (46), David Wood (21W)

Family Affair in Victory Lane for Saturday night action


A thrilling father-son shootout dominated the Late Model Sportsman main with a married couple grabbing victories in V-8 Warriors and Gladiators in the Saturday night action at East Bay.

In the Late Model Sportsman race, two-time feature winner Tanner Cobb led the field to the green flag and grabbed the early lead. Steven Brindle held second, but faced an immediate onslaught from Tanner’s father Phillip, who started in fifth. Phillip Cobb was able to move into second, but Tanner had built up a lead to make the job more difficult for anyone in pursuit. As the laps began to wind down, the distance closed until the two were racing side by side throughout the entire run. Phillip nosed ahead slightly, only to have Tanner charge back. As the white flag came out, Tanner was in front but Phillip had designs on settling it once and for all. Tanner would prevail in a race that saw the drivers never make contact with the other despite the intensity. The Victory Lane celebrating saw a grinning runner-up offering congratulations while the fans roared their appreciation. Phillip Cobb and Megan Meyer had won the division heat races.

Michael Hart claimed his first feature win of the year in V-8 Warriors, keeping his car at the front of the field throughout the competition as Nick Brown and Jason Burnside occupied each other in a bid for second. Hart, who won his heat race earlier, parked in Victory Lane where was joined by his wife, Brittany. For the first time this year, Michael and Brittany would be racing on the same night, so Michael’s win gave Brittany addition inspiration for the Gladiator main. Juston Meeks had won an earlier heat race in the class.

About that Gladiator main…Yes, Brittany did win her feature event, becoming the first female winner of the class this season. The race turned out to be a two-car duel from start to finish between Brittany and Daniel Bowman, both of whom had won their heat races. Bowman tried several different lines of attack, but Brittany envisioned the opportunity to be the one getting the Victory Lane picture holding the flag with her family and friends. That was enough to drive her to the win in the night’s finale. Alyssa Grant also won her heat race.

Steve Diamond Jr. racked up his third Q Auto & Injury Medical Malpractice Attorneys main event of the season, acknowledging the hard work of his crew and the intense competition found in the class. Bryan Eckley, who won his heat race earlier, made an early bid to chase down Diamond, but the leader was using consistent lines and steady racing through lapped traffic to secure the win.

Defending track champion Brandon Yates returned to competition in the Outlaw 4s, utilizing his sister’s car since his had been sold. Yates quickly picked up the feel for the car and parked in Victory Lane in an affair that saw early attrition due to crashes and penalties. Billy Dukes and Stephen Hohlbaugh were best in class for heat races.

The Q Auto & Injury Medical Malpractice Attorney Micro-Sprints were dominated by four-time winner Paul Seburn, who grabbed the top position on lap two. Joshua Davis won his first race of 2020 by topping the field in the heat race.

Action continues October 17 with the Street Stocks competing in the annual Gary Gay Memorial. They will be joined by Pro Late Models, Q Auto & Injury Medical Malpractice Attorneys Mini-Sprints, Gladiators and Florida Old Time Modifieds.


Feature: Steve Diamond Jr. (9), Bryan Eckley (12B), Frank Beck (89), Joe Zuczek (50), Tim George (1*), Jeff Bye (26), Billy Bridges (11B), Nathan Baroch (13), Cole Nichols (N20)


Feature: Tanner Cobb (03c), Phillip Cobb (03), Forrest Gough (21), Steven Brendle (141), Megan Meyer (11M), Jason Pope (102), Thomas Burnside (13), Skyler Camper (28), Dustin Perez (8), Cole Crawford (4), TJ LaFlamboy (4×4), Jon Basquin (16), John Norris (87), Jesse Brown (27)


Feature: Michael Hart (99), Jason Burnside (12), Nick Brown (12), Juston Meeks (10), Gary Lucas (106), Randy Shields (49), Kalen Maynard (2), Raymond Vann (1), Macy Bozeman (58), Cody Mezyk (40), Mark Roadarmel Jr. (81), George Handy (105), Wayne Kissam (107), Kayla Handy (104), Derek Gray (189). DNS – Bo Anderson (95)


Feature: Brittany Hart (99), Daniel Bowman (46), Robert Kissam (911), Hunter Lovelady (68), Rodney Martin (21), Tracy Maynard (62), Ricky Rutledge Sr. (4), Derrick Edwards (17), David Wood (21w), Ronald Pape Jr. (16), Ethan Dansby (6), Callie Gubich (513), Nicholas Sperbeck (34), Bailey Purcell (07), Alyssa Grant (47), Davey Martin (55), Joshua Ashmore (29), Patrick Tabb (03), Patrick Fiore (88), Robert Grant (36), David Zeman (13)


Feature: Brandon Yates (22), Mark Moniz (41E), Billy Dukes (82), Terry Burke (73), Candice Kealy (D4R), Dorsey Strickland (15), Thomas Braswell Jr. (88), Eric Knight (7), Stephen Hohlbaugh (23s). DQ – Vernon Hart (48)

Q Auto & Injury Medical Malpractice Attorneys Micro Sprints

Feature: Paul Seburn (23), Joshua Davis (9), Jerod Meyers (7), Doug Dyal (97D), Wade Evans (20x), JoJo Davis (27), Johnathan Davis (7j), William Burnside (13)

Details for Winternationals 2021

The schedule has been finalized for the annual Winternationals at East Bay Raceway Park with a whole month of racing on the agenda.

Activity starts with a practice night for UMP/EBRP Modifieds and Street Stocks on January 18 with five nights of racing to follow. The annual visit of the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series will commence with a Sunday, January 24 practice session, followed by six nights of action.

The latest schedule addition will see the return of the All-Star Circuit of Champions as 410-powered Sprints roar into the Clay by the Bay. Last year’s appearance by the sanction saw capacity crowds enjoying great action. The ASCOC dates are February 1 & 2.

A practice night will be held on February 3 for the shows combining the Crate Racing USA 604 Late Models and the Top Gun Sprints. The racing intensified with three nights of the two divisions February 4-6.

The 2021 Winternationals picks up on the following Wednesday for an open wheel smorgasbord featuring 360 Sprints, Mini Sprints and Micro Sprints. Three nights of racing follow on February 11-13, culminating with the $10,000-to-win King of the 360s on Saturday night.

The final week of racing will offer four classes with the Crate Racing USA 602 Late Models, Mod Lites, V-8 Warrior/Thunderstocks and East Bay’s popular Gladiators. A Wednesday practice on February 17 leads to the final three nights of the Winternationals, which conclude on February 20.

Tickets are now available with prices listed on the grid seen above. Seating chart is shown below.

October 3 Event Cancelled

The race program scheduled for October 3 has been cancelled due to weather.

The planned Gene Slaughter Memorial 50 for Pro Late Models will now be held on November 14.

Late Model Sportsman have been removed from the Nov. 14 schedule.

East Bay’s next racing action is Saturday, October 10.

October Brings 2021 Winternationals News


The first dates have been announced for the 2021 Winternationals at East Bay Raceway Park.

The multi-week racing extravaganza has been a part of the early season racing scene for over 40 years and will continue with a jam-packed schedule throughout January and February.

With additional dates being negotiated, racing action starts with an open practice on Monday, January 18, 2021 for UMP/East Bay Raceway Park Modifieds and Street Stocks. The next night, Tuesday, January 19, will be the start of five straight nights of racing. Feature winner in Modified racing will get $1,000 for a victory on Tuesday or Wednesday with the top prize moving to $1,500 for the next two nights. The Saturday finale will pay $5,000 to the Modified winner. Street Stocks will be racing for $400 to the winner on Tuesday through Thursday with Friday’s winner getting $500. There’s a top prize of $1,000 for the Saturday winner.

The Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series had previously revealed their annual appearance to start with a practice session on Sunday, January 24. From there, it is six straight nights of racing action for the top Late Model travelers. The winner’s share of the purse will be $5,000 for the first two shows, increased to $7,000 on the next two nights. The Friday, Jan. 29 winner will bring home $12,000 and the Saturday finale will pay $15,000 for the winner.

For those travelling to attend the Lucas Oil Late Model Series, advance reservations are advised for lodging since Tampa will be hosting the NFL’s Super Bowl and accommodations may be in short supply.

Ticketing information, as well as the schedule for February events, will be forthcoming at a later date.

Next Up – Gene “Coyote” Slaughter Memorial 50


The October action at East Bay Raceway Park will feature four nights of Saturday night racing.

Pro Late Models take center stage on the first night (October 3) with the annual Gene Slaughter Memorial 50 for the division. The pro Late Models will be joined by the Mod Lites, Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Street Stocks and Q Auto & Injury Medical Malpractice Attorneys Mini Sprints.

There is a $50 entry fee for the Late Models for this event, which pays $2,000 to win. Special event pricing will be in place for front gate admission (Adults $17, Seniors & Military $15, Teens 13-17 $10, Children 12 & under free with paying adult). The pit gate opens at 3 p.m., main gate opens at 5 p.m. and racing action starts at 6:30 p.m.