Results of April 8




Feature – John Wayne Haynes (52), Matt Herlong (131), Brenden Smith (32), Steve Brendle (17ss), Jesse Foster (14J), John Norris (87), Jonathan Thomas (823), Steve Mathis Jr. (95), Daniel Woody (29)


Feature – Michael Hart (99), Jason Burnside (12j), Derek Gray (189), Ryan Baker (54), Wayne Kissam (07), Cody Mezyk (40), Macy Bozeman (58), Daniel Bowman (46), Kyle Peacock (17), Justin Scarberry (24), Ryan Peacock (18)


Feature – Stevie Throop (55), Austin Martin (97), Anthony Stewart (33K), Steve Throop (15), Marcus Wise (82), J.T. Joiner (6J), Terry Joiner (6), Jeff Wolfe (83), Rocky Scott (4), Alex Cline (07c), Bob Goodwin (41B), Jeff Bonnema (5B)


Feature – Austin Slaggy (97), Colton Slaggy (69), Clint Slaggy (79), Mike Wilson (68), Ronnie Abney (64), Kyle Kruse (3), Dennis Wilson (42), Mason Cassidy (17), Corey Butler (13), Josh Genarie (93P), Brett Blattenberger (23), Kalen Maynard (13M), Jimmy McLeod (04), Trey Pitts (03), Jamie Kirk (57), Austin Dunham (71)

2022 Championship Recognition

On-track recognition of the 2022 championships will be held during intermission at events in April and May. Eligible drivers in the top 5 from 2022 will also be recognized.

The tentative schedule is subject to change

April 15 – Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds (Bryan Bernhardt), Street Stocks (Richard Livernois), Mini Sprints (Bryce Comer) and Mod Lites (Bob Goodwin)

April 22 – V-8 Warriors (George Handy), Gladiators (Patrick Tabb)

May 13 – Q Sprints (co-champions Joe Zuczek and Danny Jones), Micro Sprints (Chris Kennedy)

May 20 – 604 Late Models (Doug Horton), Outlaw 4s (Billy Dukes), Florida Late Models (Roger Crouse)

Refund deadline expired

If you still have a ticket from the rained out Feb. 11 Lucas race, the deadline for refund has passed. You can receive a credit toward next year or a ticket to an event this season. There will be no cash refunds from this point.

Next racing is Saturday, April 8.

Melba Dix

A Celebration of Life has been planned for Melba Dix as follows:

Saturday, March 25th
Highlands Church of Christ
5730 Lakeland Highlands Rd
Lakeland, FL
Visitation will be from 10:00 to 11:00 am with Celebration of Life to follow at 11:00.
Mrs. Dix was the mother of our employee Michele Jewett, and mother-in-law of our announcer Larry Jewett.  We ask that you please remember this family during this time.  You are in our prayers and have our deepest sympathies.

Light outage causes early end to March 18 program


Note: The Saturday, March 18 program was concluded before the Top Gun Sprints and Gladiators features due to loss of power to the infield lights. The situation could not be rectified to allow for a safe racing environment, so the program was ended.

The Top Gun Sprint feature will be contested April 22. On that same night, Gladiators will have a make-up feature during the first portion of the program. Only drivers who were in the March 18 lineup are eligible for the make-up feature. A regular feature will be open to all competitors in the pit on April 22.

Top Gun and Gladiator pit passes will be honored only on April 22. Grandstand admission tickets from March 18 may be used for admission on April 22 only.

STREET STOCKS – Stephen Hohlbaugh (75), Thomas Pratt (22), Tim Gay (90), Tommy Hill (1H), Rich Livernois (71), Nick Hebrank (7), Buck Woodhouse (55), Matt Bozeman (58), Thomas Burnside (13B), Kyle Bowman (46K), Josh Jones (05), Billy Barstow (756), Ricky Roberts (13R), Jeff Conyers (47). DNS – Will Pugh (15)

OUTLAW 4S – Nick Hebrank (7), Brian Barse (82), Randy Johnson (1), Mark Moniz (41E), Vernon Hart Jr. (48), Kenny Novak (53), Rachelle Rudolph (77), Terry Burke (73), Morgan Hill (7H), Bryan Sikes (23s). DNS – Thomas Braswell Jr. (72)

MINI SPRINTS – Bryce Comer (9), JoJo Davis (7), Donnie T. Quinn (33D)

Martin Captures Top Gun Friday Feature

TOP GUN SPRINTS – Danny Martin Jr. (24), A.J. Maddox (3A), Tyler Clem (14c), Justin Webster (21), Luke Hill (41), Steve Diamond Jr. (20c), Joe Zuczek (50), Dustin Burtron (97), Danny Jones (14), Billy Bridges (11B), Austin Martin (97M), Nikki Green (3K), Bob Martin (10TRB), Brandon Grubaugh (G6), Billy Boyd (89), Steven Thomas (2T), Robbie Smith (6S), Shane Butler (14B), Andrew Griffin (32), Trey Meredith (11), Sport Allen (88), Bryan Riddle (2M), Garrett Green (82), Tyler Orzechowski (38). DNS – Troy Thompson (T15)

STREET STOCKS – Tim Gay (90), Jeff Conyers (47), Thomas Pratt (22), Buck Woodhouse (55), Rich Livernois (71), Matt Bozeman (58), Thomas Burnside (13), Ricky Roberts (13), Stephen Hohlbaugh (75), Kyle Bowman (46K), Billy Barstow (756), Buddy Beckum (57). Doug Johnson (49), Josh Jones (56)

V-8 WARRIORS – Daniel Bowman (46), Nick Brown (12), Michael Hart (99), Jason Burnside (12J), Cody Mezyk (40), Ryan Baker (54), Justin Scarberry (24). DQ – Derek Gray (189)

OUTLAW 4S – Nick Hebrank (7), Rachelle Rudolph (77), Brad Button (25), Bryan Sikes (23B), Kenny Novak (53), Randy Johnson (1), Terry Burke (73), Morgan Hill (7H), Thomas Braswell Jr. (72), Mark Moniz (41E), Brian Barse (82), Vernon Hart Jr. (48)

GLADIATORS – Charles Paris Jr. (15), James Paris (309), Patrick Tabb (03), Robert Kissam (911), Kayla Jones (412), Derrick Edwards (17), Rodney Martin (21), Wayne Kissam (4×4), Randy Tyler (22), Davey Martin (55), Callie Gubich (57), Jimmy Williams (8w), Ricky Rutledge (4), Tim Ross (19), Richard Ross (9), Jordenn Maher (13), Logan Hill (11H). DNS – Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Jennah Santos (105)

MICRO SPRINTS – Chris Kennedy (2), Michael Mason (3), William Burnside (13), Bill Chamberlain (51). DNS – Rudy Rodriguez (1), Colin Strife (46)


Due to the special Friday night racing, new times are in effect for one night only,

Pit Gates – open at 5 pm

Grandstand gates – open at 6 pm

Driver check-in – 6 pm

Driver’s Meeting – 7:15 pm

Hot Laps – 7:30 pm

Racing – 8 pm

Mathis, Sanders, Throop, Gray and Bowman Open with Wins

604 Late Models – Stevie Mathis Jr. (95), Keith Nosbisch (02), Doug Horton (46), Daniel Woody (29), Bruce Harvey (27), Kenny Monahan (31), John Norris (87), Cole Crawford (4), Kevin Strife (46s), Jesse Foster (14J), Wesley Livernois (44)

Gagel’s Modifieds – Austin Sanders (64), David Pollen Jr. (88), Seth Geary (7G), Devin McLeod (21), Tim Gay (90), Bryan Bernhardt (B69), Cam Canova (07), Chris Bailey (77B), Eric Moon (18), Randy Shields (49), L.J. Grimm (25), Scott Bane (23B) DNS – Tim McLeod (192), Andrew Smith (71A)

Mod Lites – Stevie Throop (55), Austin Martin (97), J.T. Joiner (6J), Alex Cline (07c), Anthony Stewart (33K), Marcus Wise (82), Terry Joiner (6), Bob Goodwin (41B), Brodrick Kennedy (84), Jeff Bonnema (5B)

V-8 Warriors – Derek Gray (189), Jason Burnside (12J), Daniel Bowman (46), Roy Woodhouse (55R), Ryan Baker (54), Mike Wilson (68), Justin Scarberry (24), Macy Bozeman (58), Walt Kirk (27), Wayne Kissam (07), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Kyle Peacock (17). DQ – Michael Hart (99), Cody Mezyk (40)

Florida Old Time Modifieds – Danny Bowman (00), Mark Buzbee (11), Jamie Frankland (1), Sue Taylor (8), Scott Hehl (5P), Rob Taylor (22), Scot Findlay (27). DNS – Charlie Sanders (7A)