Webster, Davis, Jones, Karas and Allen Close Winternationals Week 1

With cooler conditions and cloudy skies, the final night of the first week of the 47th annual Winternationals came to a close with new names joining repeat winners.

V-8 Warriors/Thunderstocks opened the night and it was déjà vu as Cody Allen charged back to victory to back up his Friday feature win. The back-to-back wins matched Allen’s 2022 achievement of winning the last two features after Tommy Hill had scored the opener last year. Jason Burnside and Jerry Rogers won the heat races.

In Mini Sprint action, a new name was added to the victory rolls. Jo Jo Davis, who had a strong runner-up finish in the opener, put on a dominant performance to score his first feature win in convincing fashion. Jesse Foster prevailed in the heat race.

It was a perfect week for 16-year-old Will Karas as the Pennsylvania racer swept all three of his heats and all three features on the week. Karas got the lead on the first lap and ran wire to wire, lapping up to fourth place in the 15-lap main. Joining Karas as heat race winner was Zach LaRose, who scored his second straight runner-up finish in the feature.

Top Gun Sprints once again saw a late race pass develop as leaders were fighting through lapped traffic. Garrett Green had been dominant through the race, but a determined Justin Webster would not let the leader out of his sights. With just a few laps remaining, Webster was able to find a clear track to grab the lead and the win. Webster had the dominant car on Friday, but was denied victory then. It only served to drive the family team to the end result of victory. Webster had won his heat race, so he picked up the additional $600 in the Lee and Jeff Barfield Memorial Clean Sweep award. Luke Hill and David Kelley also claimed heat wins.

The Gladiator main event saw Friday winner Charles Paris Jr. get the lead until a mechanical issue brought his car to a stop in turn four. Kayla Jones then inherited the top spot and took advantage, holding off a determined Wayne Kissam for the win. Paris Jr., Robert Kissam and Troy Dittebrand won preliminaries.

Action in the Winternationals continues with Crate Racin’ USA Late Models and Crate Racin’ USA Street Stocks. Practice will be held on Jan. 25 with three nights of racing to follow on Jan. 26-28.


Feature – Justin Webster (21), Garrett Green (82), Steve Diamond Jr. (20c), Luke Hill (41), Brandon Grubaugh (G6), Danny Jones (14), Robbie Smith (6S), Tyler Clem (14c), Billy Bridges (11B), Jeff Bye (26), David Kelley (12), Dustin Burtron (97), Tyler Orzechowski (380, Tyler Porter (99), Trey Meredith (11), Aileen Collins-Love (17c), Joe Zuczek (50), Scott Baldwin (4), Owen Dimm (17), Brian Riddle (2M), Lucas Rodriguez (2R), Andrew Griffin (32)


Feature – Cody Allen (68), Jerry Rogers (92), Daniel Bowman (46), Michael Hart (99), Derek Gray (189), Juston Meeks (10), Collin Kruse (92c), Raymond Rogers (48), Kyle Kruse (18), Macy Bozeman (58), Jarod Gay (23), Wayne Kissam (07), Nick Brown (12), Justin Scarberry (24), Tim Gay (25).


Feature – Jo Jo Davis (7), Jesse Foster (1), Bryce Comer (9), Doug Dyal (97D), Mark Reynolds (1NY), Bubba Rains (07R), Charles Landis Jr. (12), David Hall (67), Tyler Landis (66)


Feature – Will Karas (48k), Zach LaRose (33Z), Jazlyn Boyles (30), Noelle Ebersole (42), Nadia Ebersole (25), Patrick Moore (14), James Ivey (58), Haley Moore (8), Logan Evans (66). DNS – Cliff Evans (17), Rudy Rodriguez (1)


Feature – Kayla Jones (412), Wayne Kissam (4×4), Robert Kissam (911),. Troy Dittebrand (222), Rodney Martin (21), Derrick Edwards (17), Davey Martin (55), Patrick Tabb (22), Jimmy Williams (8w), James Paris (09), Tracy Maynard (62), Ricky Rutledge (4), Charles Paris Jr. (15), Richard Ross (9), Ricky Rutledge (124), Callie Gubich (209), Black Flag Bubba (00). DQ – Jeff Lacey (99)

Diamond, Comer, Karas Repeat in Winternationals

The second night of the 47th annual Winternationals offered a stark contrast to the action seen on opening night. While the opener was dominated by caution-free laps by the dozens, the Friday activity saw the red flag appear in three of the five mains.

The first red flew during the V-8 Warrior/Thunderstock 15-lapper. As the field was slowed for a Tim Gay caution for a turn two spin, Raymond Rogers flipped his car on the frontstretch. Rogers, who was running in the top three at the time of the incident, was not hurt.

The fortune was better for Cody Allen, who had his share of bad luck on Thursday, finishing last. Allen dominated the Friday main, earning the distinction of “worst to first” and [putting himself back in Victory Lane. Allen took two of the three mains in 2022. Heats were won by Nick Brown and Jason Burnside.

Mini Sprint action also drew a red flag when heat race winner Bruce Comer flipped near the halfway mark of the race. The 2021 track champion ended his quest to double down on the night, but his nephew Bryce, winner of the opening night feature, picked up the honors in earning his second win of the year.

Will Karas put together a dominant performance to secure his second win of the week in Micro Sprint action. Karas kept his perfect week going, adding a heat win to his record as local racer Zach LaRose finally brought a win for a Florida driver.

The Gladiators offered up one of the best features of the night with a 15-lap main that ran caution-free. Defending track champion Patrick Tabb took the lead on lap four, but soon found himself dealing with an uncooperative race car. That allowed Charles Paris Jr. an opportunity to grab the lead and a win. Tabb and Paris staked claims to earlier heats.

Justin Webster put on a dominant run that didn’t end as expected with the 25-lap main for the Top Gun Sprints. Webster had built up a substantial lead until coming in contact with a lapped car, which resulted in Webster flipping and ending his chances at a trip to Victory Lane. Tyler Clem came to the front after passing Danny Jones and appeared to be headed to the win until lapped traffic stymied his efforts. The congestion opened a lane for Steve Diamond Jr. who led his first lap at the white flag. It was smooth sailing from there for Diamond to return to the winner’s circle.Cleam, Luke Hill and Andrew Griffin had won their preliminaries.

The final night of action comes Saturday to conclude week one of the 2023 Winternationals.


Feature – Steve Diamond Jr. (20c), Tyler Clem (14c), Garrett Green (82), Andrew Griffin (32), Danny Jones (14), Billy Bridges (11B), Luke Hill (41), Robbie Smith (6S), Bob Martin (10), Owen Dimm (17), Joe Zuczek (50), Dustin Burtron (97), Tyler Orzechowski (38), Lucas Rodriguez (2R), Trey Meredith (11), Andy Cobb (15), Tyler Porter (99), Scott Baldwin (4), Justin Webster (21), Billy Boyd Jr. (89), Brandon Grubaugh (G6), Bryan Riddle (2M)


Feature – Cody Allen (68), Jerry Rogers (92), Jason Burnside (12J), Nick Brown (12), Daniel Bowman (46), Collin Kruse (92c), Derek Gray (189), Jarod Gay (23), Justin Scarberry (24), Wayne Kissam (07), Billy Cassidy (17), Raymond Vann (1), Tim Gay (25), Macy Bozeman (58), Cody Mezyk (40), Raymond Rogers (48), Kyle Kruse (18), Michael Hart (99). DNS – Juston Meeks (10)


Feature – Charles Paris Jr. (15), Patrick Tabb (03), Derrick Edwards (17), Jeff Lacey (99), Davey Martin (55), Kayla Jones (412), Robert Kissam (911), Tracy Maynard (62), Randy Tyler (22), Socks Dittebrand (222), Callie Gubich (209), James Paris (09), Wayne Kissam (4×4), Jimmy Williams (8w), Rodney Martin (21), Raymond Rogers Jr. (00), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Jennah Santos (105), Tim Ross (9). DNS – Daniel Bowman (162), Patrick Fiore (88)

Feature – Will Karas (48k), Zach LaRose (33Z), Chris Kennedy (2), Cliff Evans (16), Nadia Ebersole (25), Rudy Rodriguez (1), James Ivey (58), Haley Moore (8), Jazlyn Boyles (30), Noelle Ebersole (42), Logan Evans (66), Patrick Moore (14). DNS – Colin Strife


Feature – Bryce Comer (9), Doug Dyal (97D), David Hall (67), Mark Reynolds (1NY), Bruce Comer (21), Charles Landis Jr. (12), Jo Jo Davis (7), Jesse Foster (1), Tyler Landis (66). DNS – Bubba Rains (07)


Diamond Top Gun on Winternationals Opener

The 47th annual Winternationals at East Bay Raceway Park has begun. Mother Nature posed no threat as 77 cars took spots in the pit area.

Heat races were won by Jared Gay and Michael Hart (V-8 Warrior/Thunderstocks), Doug Dyal (Mini Sprints), Pennsylvania racers Will Karas and Jazlyn Boyles (Micro Sprints) and Charles Paris Jr. and Socks Dittebrand (Gladiators). A trio of Top Gun Sprint preliminaries saw victory for Steve Diamond jr., Robbie Smith and Garrett Green.

Last year, Nick Brown went to Victory Lane as a car owner, handing the driving duties to Tommy Hill for the opening night win. This year, Brown returned to Victory Lane with a car built to match the look of his father’s race cars. Brown related during his interview that his father was recentkly diagnosed with cancer and he wanted to honor him with the look of the car. The car is more than just looks as it roared to Victory Lane despite some clutch issues.

Track champion Bryce Comer picked up where he left off by claiming the opening night feature for Mini Sprints. Comer, who won two mains during last year’s Winternationals, quickly asserted himself in front to return to familiar territory. Runnerup Jo Jo Davis ran a consistent race from start to finish for a career best Winternationals result.

Heat winner Will Karas was the class of the field in the Micro Sprints, handily claiming the 15-lap feature. With Karas’ win, Pennsylvania drivers remain unbeaten in the class for the Winternationals.

A field of 17 took the green after a four-wide salute in the Top Gun main. The non-stop action was thrilling for fans as the front runners deftly negotiated lapped traffic in green-to-checkers race that saw no cautions. With his win, Steve Diamond Jr. claimed an additional $300 in the Lee and Jeff Barfield Memorial Clean Sweep Award.

The Gladiators closed the night’s action and Troy “Socks” Dittebrand backed up his heat with a strong run to claim the win. Dittebrand wasn’t sure he was going to be a part of the Winternationals this year, but made the best of the situation with the win.

Night number 2 will be Friday, January 20 with the same five divisions in action. Race time is 7 p.m.

THURSDAY, January 19


Feature – Steve Diamond Jr. (20c), Tyler Clem (14c), Garrett Green (82), Justin Webster (21), Luke Hill (41), Robbie Smith (6S), Joe Zuczek (50), Billy Bridges (11B), Trey Meredith (11), Andrew Griffin (32), Owen Dimm (17), Bob Martin (10), Tyler Porter (99), Andy Cobb (15), Danny Jones (14). Dustin Burtron (97). DNS – Kyle Connery (91)

V-8 Warriors/Thunderstocks

Feature – Nick Brown (12), Jason Burnside (12J), Jerry Rogers (92), Collin Kruse (92c), Raymond Vann (1), Michael Hart (99), Daniel Bowman (46), Juston Meeks (10), Tim Gay (25), Jarod Gay (23), Derek Gray (189), Macy Bozeman (58), Raymond Rogers (48), Billy Cassidy (17), Wayne Kissam (07), Cody Mezyk (40), Justin Scarberry (24), Cody Allen (68). DNS – Kyle Kruse (18)

Mini Sprints

Feature: Bryce Comer (9), Jo Jo Davis (7), Bruce Comer (21), Doug Dyal (97D), Charles Landis Jr. (12), Bubba Rains (07R), Mark Reynolds (1NY), Tyler Landis (66), David Hall (67), Jesse Foster (1)

Micro Sprints

Feature – Will Karas (48k), Cliff Evans (17), Chris Kennedy (2), Colin Strife (46), Patrick Moore (14), James Ivey (58), Haley Moore (8), Logan Evans (66), Zach LaRose (33Z), Jazlyn Boyles (30), Noelle Ebersole (42). DNS – Nadia Ebersole (25)


Feature – Troy “Socks” Dittebrand (222), Patrick Tabb (03), Charles Paris Jr. (15), Robert Kissam (911), Kayla Jones (412), Derrick Edwards (17), Wayne Kissam (07), Davey Martin (55), Callie Gubich (209), Jeff Lacey (99), Patrick Fiore (88), Rodney Martin (21), Richard Ross (9), James Paris (09), Jennah Santos (105), Jimmie Williams (8W). DNS – Daniel Bowman (62), Tracy Maynard (162).

Results of Dec. 17


Feature – Ashton Winger (12), Doug Horton (46), Shan Smith (32), Steve Mathis Jr. (95), Scotty Williams (7jr), Cole Crawford (4), Tanner Cobb (03), Brendan Smith (17ss), Tom Fiebelkorn (17ss), Daniel Woody (29), John Norris (87), John Wayne Haynes (52), Waylon Haynes (52), Will McConnell (2), Roger Crouse (1A), Matt Herlong (131), Tim Dowling (12D), Skyler Camper (28), Dylan Dunn (22), Mavrick Varnadore (95M)


Feature – Dylan Dunn (22), Anthony Stewart (33K), Bob Goodwin (114), Jeff Bonnema (5B), Terry Joiner (6), Marcus Wise (82), Jeff Wolfe Jr. (83), Jeff Wolfe (85), Rocky Scott (4), Bo Bass (41B)


Feature – Charles Paris Jr. (15), Robert Kissam (911), Troy Dittebrand (222), Derrick Edwards (17), Patrick Tabb (03), Raymond Vann (99), Daniel Bowman (62), Randy Tyler (22), Rodney Martin (21), Wayne Kissam (07), Callie Gubich (209), Tracy Maynard (162), Patrick Fiore (88), Grant Barrett (1), Jennah Santos (105)


Feature – Billy Dukes (82), Mark Moniz (41E), Brad Button (25), Kenny Novak (53), Rachelle Rudolph (770, Terry Burke (73), Fred Smith (5), Morgan Hill (7), Candace Basinger (D4R), Randy Johnson (23s)


Feature – Doug Dyal (97D), Bryce Comer (9), Jo Jo Davis (7), Tyler Landis (66), David Hall (67), Charles Landis (12), Jesse Foster (1)


Feature – Danny Bowman (00), Mark Buzbee (H1), Charlie Sanders (7A), Scot Findlay (27), Jamie Frankland (1), Rob Taylor (22). DNS – Dan Darnell (111), Scott Hait (5P)

Results of Dec. 10


Feature – Steve Mathis Jr. (95), Matt Herlong (131), Daniel Woody (29), Doug Horton (46), Cole Crawford (4), Kenny Monahan (31), Brody Smith (17), John Norris (87), Sean Smith (32), Matt Chaney (40B), Dylan Dunn (22), Brenden Smith (17ss), Kevin Strife (13)


Feature – Bryan Bernhardt (B69), Steve Mathis (95), Tim Gay (89), Austin Sanders (A69), David Baldwin (6B), L.J. Grimm (25), Roger Crouse (15), Jason Russell (75R), Randy Shields (49), Cam Canova (07), Paul Rivall (15R), Patrick Passanise (333), Mavrick Varnadore (14), David Reutimann (99), David Pollen (88), Josh Sanford (3), Philip Cobb (5H), Scott Bane (23B). DNS – Zach Hawk (54)


Feature – George Handy (105), Jerry Rogers (92), Daniel Bowman (46), Juston Meeks (10), Roy Woodhouse (55R), Macy Bozeman (58), Robert Pettet (R99), Steven Pettet (99), Robbie Pettet (33), Justin Scarberry (24), Ryan Baker (54), Cody Mezyk (40), Dylan Scarberry (25), George Christensen (92c), Matthew Scarberry (25), Derek Gray (189), Jason Burnside (12J), Wayne Kissam (070


Feature – Doug Williams (14w), Steve Throop (55), Matt Kitts (5K), Bo Bass (41B), Bill Leonard (18), Bob Goodwin (114), Jeff Bonnema (5B), Dylan Dunn (22), Marcus Wise (82), Anthony Stewart (33K), Jeff Wolfe (83), Roger Wolfe (85). DNS – J.T. Joiner (6J)


Feature – Patrick Tabb (03), Charles Paris Jr. (15), Robert Kissam (911), Derrick Edwards (17), Socks Dittebrand (222), Davey Martin (55), Thomas Adams Jr. (T2), Rodney Martin (21), Daniel Bowman (62), Gary Lucas (4×4), Tracy Maynard (162), Callie Gubich (209), Grant Barrett (1), Wayne Kissam (07), Jennah Santos (105), Cody Boyd (412)


Feature – Chris Kennedy (2), Ben Rogers (63), Michael Mason (3), Landon Ledford (56), Tim Denoyer (7D), Karl Rothemeier (68), Patrick Moore (14), Bill Chamberlain (51), Logan Evans (54H), William Burnside (13), Haley Moore (8), Jeff Johnson (25), James Ivey (58). DNS – Zach LaRose (33z), Paul Seburn (23)

Results of Dec. 3


5th annual Don Rehm Classic – Shane Butler (14B), A.J. Maddox (3A), Andrew Griffin (32), Brandon Grubaugh (G6), Justin Webster (21), Bryan Eckley (12B), Sheldon Kinser Jr. (17c), Chase Wood Sr. (6), Chase Wood Jr. (27), Scott Baldwin (4), David Kelley (46), Danny Jones (14), Troy Thompson (T15), Johnny Alexander (113). DNS – Steve Diamond (20c), Skip Ferianc (2M)


Feature – Jesse Brown (7), Matt Herlong (131), Cole Crawford (4), Philip Cobb (36), Roger Crouse (15), John Wayne Haynes (52), Tim Dowling (12D), Dylan Dunn (22)


Feature – Vernon Hart Jr. (D4R), Billy Dukes (82), Randy Johnson (23s), Kenny Novak (53), Mark Moniz (41E), Fred Smith (5), Brad Button (25), Terry Burke (73)


Feature – Patrick Tabb (03), Troy Dittebrand (222), Derrick Edwards (17), Daniel Bowman (62), Wayne Kissam (07), Rodney Martin (21), Robert Kissam (911), Jeff Smith (15), Ricky Rutledge Sr. (4), Jennah Santos (105), Davey Martin (55), Thomas Adams Jr. (T2), Gary Lucas (4×4), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124)


Feature – Bryce Comer (9), Doug Dyal (97D), Charles Landis (12), Jesse Foster (1), Mark Reynolds (1NY), David Hall (67), Bubba Rains (07), Brian Baxter (98), Tyler Landis (66)


Results of Nov. 19


Feature – Jeff Conyers (47), Richard Livernois Jr. (71), Kyle Bowman (46K), Stephen Hohlbaugh (75), Buck Woodhouse (55), Buddy Beckum (57), Daniel Bowman (46), Josh Jones (05), Thomas Burnside (31), Brian Barse (69x), Doug Johnson (49), Matt Bozeman (58)


Feature – Doug Horton (46), Waylon Haynes (11), Steve Mathis Jr. (95), Daniel Woody (29), John Wayne Haynes (52), John Norris (87), Kevin Strife (13)


Feature – Stephen Hohlbaugh (23s), Brad Button (25), Billy Dukes (82), Mark Moniz (41E), Rachelle Rudolph (77), Randy Johnson (1), Terry Burke (73), Fred Smith (5), Morgan Hill (7). DNS – Thomas Braswell Jr. (88), Randy Shields (63)


Feature – Thomas Adams Jr. (T2), Kayla Jones (412), Logan Casteel (7), Socks Dittebrand (222), Jeff Smith (15), Davey Martin (55), Robert Kissam (911), Patrick Tabb (03), Wayne Kissam (4×4), Rodney Martin (21), Charles Paris Jr. (209), Ricky Rutledge (4), Tracy Maynard (62), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Jennah Santos (105), Grant Barrett (1). DNS – Derrick Edwards (17)


Feature – Danny Bowman (00), Jamie Frankland (1), Rob Taylor (22), Mark Buzbee (H-1), Scot Finlay (27), Sue Taylor (8), Scott Hait (5P). DNS – Dan Darnell (111)