Crate Racin’ USA 602 Results

Crate Racin’ USA officials have completed their review of the events held at East Bay Raceway Park for 602 Sportsman competition Feb. 3-5. All competitors were found to be within the parameters of the rules and all previously reported results are now official.

Congratulations to Richie Stephens for the three wins. East Bay Raceway Park would like to thank all drivers for supporting the 2022 Winternationals and wish them best of luck in the season ahead.

Hafertepe Jr. Crowned as King of the 360s in Winternationals Finale

The 2022 Winternationals came to a thrilling conclusion as the annual Ronald Laney Memorial King of the 360s capped off five weeks of racing.

With the top six drivers locked in by virtue of points accumulated on the first two nights, there were 18 spots remaining to be filled with Saturday racing. Five heat races brought 10 more drivers with heats won by Danny Martin Jr., Carson McCarl, Davie Franek, Dale Howard, and Danny Smith. B mains were won by Max Stambaugh, Johnny Gilbertson, Brendan Mullen and Tim Shaffer.

The 40-lap A-main for the 360 Sprints took the green with Ryan Smith grabbing the early lead. Mark Smith took the point on lap 10 and would lead until lap 26 when Sam Hafertepe Jr. rebounded to the front as the field was picking its way through lapped traffic. With Hafertepe and Smith concentrating on the bottom of the race track, Terry McCarl looked to the high side for a ticket to the front. Dylan Westbrook was working the high groove as well. The action was hectic and the only thing missing was a caution flag. The yellow never appeared as the 40-lap feature took 11 minutes to complete with Hafertepe reigning victorious. The 2022 winner remarked in Victory Lane that they were unsure of how the event would turn out and were making adjustments up until being called to the track. The winner added that he has not been successful at East Bay, so it was a relief to be able to add this to his list of accomplishments.

Jeff Isabell Jr. topped the 25-lap Mod Lite feature, returning to the cockpit after sitting out last night’s event in favor of car owner Doug Williams. Isabell, who had won his heat race, came from the eighth starting position to earn the win. Rob Misener was a winner in the other heat.

East Bay Raceway Park would like to thank those who took part in the success of the 46th annual Winternationals. The 2022 regular season will open on March 12 with Q Auto & Injury Medical Malpractice Attorneys Sprints, Florida Late Models, Mod Lites, V-8 Warriors and Gladiators.


Feature: Sam Hafertepe Jr. (15H), Mark Smith (43), Terry McCarl (24x), Ryan Smith (10x), Dylan Westbrook (47x), Danny Martin Jr. (24), Carson McCarl (27), Davie Franek (28F), A.J. Maddox (3A), Aaron Reutzel (8), Max Stambaugh (5M), Tim Shaffer (28), Dale Howard (47), Danny Smith (66), Matt Kurtz (92), Johnny Gilbertson (22), Cody Bova (20B), Chris Martin (44), Brendan Mullen (11M), Garrett Green (82), Phil Gressman (7c), Eric Riggins Jr. (47R), Zane DeVault (7D), Ricky Peterson Jr. (2P)


Feature: Jeff Isabell Jr. (14), Larry Hubbard Jr. (56)< Austin Martin (97), Josh Sliter (17), Morghan Johnson (1), Brent Begolo (16), Bo Bass (41B), Sean Iftody (27), Anthony Stewart (33K), Dylan Dunn (22D), Rob Misener (6), Randy Giroux (88), Ryleigh Sliter (17x), Frank Winewski (16W), J.T. Joiner (6j), Jeff Bonnema (5B), Codey Benoit (5x), Alex Cline (07c)


360 Sprints and Mod Lite Points

360 Sprints – Points
Place Driver # Total 2/17/2022 2/18/2022
1 Mark Smith 43 78 40 38
2 Sam Hafertepe Jr 15H 68 38 30
3 Ryan Smith 10x 68 34 34
4 Aaron Reutzel 8 66 26 40
5 Dylan Westbrook 47x 64 32 32
6 Terry McCarl 24x 60 36 24
7 Garrett Green 82 50 14 36
8 Carson McCarl 27 48 20 28
9 Eric Riggins Jr 47R 45 30 15
10 Dale Howard 47 43 17 26
11 Danny Smith 66 42 22 20
12 Danny Martin Jr 24 41 24 17
13 Aj Maddox 3A 39 28 11
14 Dustin Gates 6 38 16 22
15 Tony Bruce Jr 12H 33 19 14
16 Ryan Harrison 197 28 18 10
17 Christopher Thram 24T 26 21 5
18 Wayne Johnson 2c 26 5 21
19 Greg Wilson 97w 25 13 12
20 Matt Kurtz 92 24 5 19
21 Phil Gressman 7c 23 5 18
22 Chris Martin 44 21 5 16
23 Johnny Gilbertson 22 20 15 5
24 Davie Franek 28F 20 11 9
25 Max Stambaugh 5m 18 5 13
26 Paul Colagiovanni Jr 10 18 10 8
27 Ricky Peterson Jr 2P 17 12 5
28 Shone Evans 87x 14 9 5
29 Tim Shaffer 28 13 8 5
30 Aaron Jacobus 2 10 5 5
31 Andrew Jacobus 7 10 5 5
32 Ben Brown 7B 10 5 5
33 Brayden Cooley 20 10 5 5
34 Brendan Mullen 11m 10 5 5
35 Cody Bova 20B 10 5 5
36 Conner Morrell 28m 10 5 5
37 Dallas Schott 55 10 5 5
38 Dan Nanticoke 15 10 5 5
39 Frank Neill 88n 10 5 5
40 Garet Williamson 24w 10 5 5
41 Glenn Styres 0 10 5 5
42 Hayden Campbell 5 10 5 5
43 Jacob Dykestra 5D 10 5 5
44 Jax Redline 22J 10 5 5
45 Liam Martin 9 10 5 5
46 Luke Hill 41 10 5 5
47 Mark Ruel Jr 83 10 5 5
48 Matt Tanner 90 10 5 5
49 Parker Evans 61 10 5 5
50 Scotty Milan 97 10 5 5
51 Shane Redline 22x 10 5 5
52 Shawn Murray 92m 10 5 5
53 Slater Helt 22s 10 5 5
54 Steve Diamond Jr 9D 10 5 5
55 Steve Glover 121 10 5 5
56 Whit Gastineau 2G 10 5 5
57 Zane Devault 7 10 5 5
Mod Lites – Points
1 Cody Benoit 5x 74 40 34
2 Larry Hubbard Jr 56 66 34 32
3 Josh Sliter 17 60 24 36
4 Sean Iftody 27 60 30 30
5 Randy Giroux 88 59 19 40
6 Brent Begolo 16 53 36 17
7 Rob Misener 6 52 28 24
8 Anthony Stewart 33K 47 32 15
9 Jt Joiner 6J 46 20 26
10 Austin Martin 97 44 22 22
11 Jeff Bonnema 5B 44 26 18
12 Doug Williams 14 38 0 38
13 Jeff Isabell Jr 14 38 38 0
14 Morghan Johnson 1 38 17 21
15 Bo Bass 41B 36 16 20
16 Ryleigh Sliter 17x 34 21 13
17 Kyle Demo 22 31 15 16
18 Dylan Dunn 22D 28 0 28
19 Alex Cline 07c 19 0 19
20 Thomas Walsh 32T 18 18 0
21 Frank Winewski 16w 14 0 14
22 Brad Harris 19 0 0 0

Reutzel Returns to East Bay Winternationals Victory Lane

The second night of the final three-night session of the 2022 Winternationals ended with a familiar face in Victory Lane as 2020 King of the 360s Aaron Reutzel picked up the win in the 25-lap main. Reutzel started in fourth, but quickly came into the top three before making the winning pass on lap 17.

Louisiana’s Dustin Gates jumped into the lead from the pole position he had earned with the most passing points, coming from tenth to second in his heat. His time at the front was brief as Reutzel claimed the point on lap 2. With Reutzel in command, the first caution flew on lap 3, bunching the field. Friday winner Mark Smith moved into second on the restart and grabbed the lead on lap 8 as the leaders hit lapped traffic. As Smith was working through the backmarkers, he bobbled off turn two, opening the door for Garrett Green to grab the lead. Smith got back in front two laps later. Reutzel committed to the top and began to chew up the ground to catch the leader. Reutzel slipped by on lap 17 and paced the field to the checkered flag ahead of Smith and Green.

The field of 24 cars consisted of 19 drivers who had been in the A-main on Thursday with five newcomers getting a shot at glory.

Heat races were won by Reutzel, Green, Carson McCarl, Ryan Harrison, Tony Bruce Jr., and Mark Smith. B main winners were Danny Martin Jr., Greg Wilson, Paul Colagiovanni Jr. and Davie Franek.

The top six drivers in the two-night point standings were locked into the Saturday A-main. Those drivers were Mark Smith, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Ryan Smith, Aaron Reutzel, Dylan Westbrook and Terry McCarl.

Randy Giroux captured the Mod Lite 20-lap feature, taking the lead near the halfway point of the 20-lap feature. Thursday winner Codey Benoit was the early leader until Giroux powered by on the outside down the backstretch. Giroux was able to build a lead, but faced familiar foes Doug Williams and Josh Sliter in his quest for victory. Williams was making his first start after travel issues prevented him from competing on Thursday.

Heat winners were Giroux, Brent Begolo and Benoit. The top six Mod Lites were also locked in. Those moving in automatically are Codey Benoit, Larry Hubbard Jr., Josh Sliter, Sean Iftody, Randy Giroux and Brent Begolo.

The King of the 360s will be crowned Saturday night as the 2022 Winternationals comes to a close. Race time is 7 p.m.

Feature: Aaron Reutzel (8), Mark Smith (43), Garrett Green (82), Ryan Smith (10x), Dylan Westbrook (47x), Sam Hafertepe Jr. (15H), Carson McCarl (27), Dale Howard (47), Terry McCarl (24x), Dustin Gates (6), Wayne Johnson (2x), Danny Smith (66), Matt Kurtz (92), Phil Gressman (7c), Danny Martin Jr. (24), Chris Martin (44), Eric Riggins Jr. (47R), Tony Bruce Jr. (12H), Max Stambaugh (5M), Greg Wilson (97W), A.J. Maddox (3A), Ryan Harrison (197), Davey Franek (28F), Paul Colagiovanni Jr. (10)


Feature: Randy Giroux (88), Doug Williams (14), Josh Sliter (17), Codey Benoit (5x), Larry Hubbard Jr. (56), Sean Iftody (27), Dylan Dunn (22D), J.T. Joiner (6J), Rob Misener (6), Austin Martin (97), Morghan Johnson (1), Bo Bass (41B), Alex Cline (07c), Jeff Bonnema (5B), Brent Begolo (16), Kyle Demo (22), Anthony Stewart (33K), Frank Wisnewski (16w), Ryleigh Sliter (17x)

Crate Late Model 604 Payout

Note to Drivers who competed in Winternationals during Crate Racin’ USA events.

The 604 results are now final. Checks for official finishes are being mailed no later than Saturday, Feb. 20 for those who are not regulars at East Bay. Thank you for your support and hope to see you again.

Regular/local East Bay racers in the 604 class can pick up their checks at the track office during business hours Tuesday through Friday 10-4. If you wish to have your check mailed, contact the office.

The 602 results have not been deemed official by series officials. Payout will come at a later date.

Crate Racin’ USA statement on Winternationals Tire Test

Following Winter Nationals competition at East Bay Raceway Park, Crate Racin’ USA officials sent multiple tire samples from each event to an independent lab for testing.
Lab results were returned with the following changes:
*Please note* – the track will be receiving revised finishes and will send payout as necessary. BE PATIENT as they are still trying to finish up their Winter Nationals events and they will get this updated and to you in a timely manner.
Thursday February 3rd, 2022
Tire samples for Jimmy Waldrop, Nevin Gainey and Tanner Cobb were found to not conform to the manufacturer’s supplied benchmark. Thursday’s Feature winner will remain Kyle Hardy, and the feature finish will be revised to reflect any disqualifications.
Friday February 4th, 2022
Tire samples for Brian Smith, Keith Nosbisch and Travis Varnadore were found to not conform to the manufacturer’s supplied benchmark. Friday’s Feature winner will remain Logan Roberson, and the feature finish will be revised to reflect any disqualifications.
Sunday February 6th, 2022
Tire samples for Austin Yarbrough, Trey Bayne and Keith Nosbisch were found to not conform to the manufacturer’s supplied benchmark. Sunday’s Feature win will go to Cody Overton who finished second and tires did meet the benchmark. Feature finish will be revised to reflect any disqualifications.
We appreciate everyone’s patience in getting results submitted and back, and your support of the 2022 Winter Nationals at East Bay Raceway Park!

Smith Opens 360 Racing with 25-lap Win

A field of 57 360 Sprints gathered on a Thursday night for the opening action of the final series for the b46th annual Winternationals. Pennsylvania’s Mark Smith snatched the race lead on a lap 17 restart, making a return visit to Victory Lane.

There were six heat races with passing points being the determining factor that qualified 16 cars directly into the A main. The remaining drivers would have to perform in one of four B-mains to earn a spot in the 25-lap main.

Heat races were won by Ricky Peterson Jr., Danny Martin Jr., Terry McCarl, Shane Evans, Dylan Westbrook and Sam Hafertepe Jr. The B mains were victories for Aaron Reutzel, Davie Franek, Paul Colagiovanni Jr. and Tim Shaffer.

In the 25-lap feature, Danny Martin Jr. grabbed the early lead as polesitter Sam Hafertepe Jr. slid back outside the top five. Ryan Smith grabbed second, slipping by Martin on lap 3 for the lead. A.J. Maddox was the man on the move, taking second from Martin on lap 5 before grabbing the lead on lap 6. Maddox caught lapped traffic two laps later, but managed to push through and keep a backmarker between himself and his challengers including Mark Smith who had taken over second. The first caution waved on lap 14 for a Johnny Gilbertson spin. Just before the caution, Hafertepe found new life, sweeping from fifth to third in one corner. On the next restart, Smith sought the lead and was ready to make a move before the caution waved. It took a lap 17 restart to spring Smith from second as he swept to the top to rocket by Maddox, bringing Hafertepe along. McCarl had used the highlight to put himself in the mix, but Smith could not be caught.

The Mod Lites gathered for their first night of action for the weekend. Brent Begolo and Austin Martin took heat wins, but it would be Codey Benoit who parked in Victory Lane at the conclusion of the feature. Benoit, who had exited his heat race with suspension damage, picked his way into second by lap 8, trailing leader Josh Sliter when the leader spun in turn two. Though only 8 laps had been completed, the race had hit the time limit, setting up a green-white-checkered finish. No one could deny Benoit his Winternationals win.

The race was red flagged on two occasions. New York racer Kyle Demo flipped on lap one and Bo Bass made contact with a stationary Morghan Johnson on lap two, sending Bass’s car on its roof.

The two divisions will be back in action on Friday with the final night of the Winternationals pn Saturday including the crowning of the King of the 360s. Race time is 7 p.m.

Feature: Mark Smith (43), Sam Hafertepe Jr. (15H), Terry McCarl (24), Ryan Smith (10x), Dylan Westbrook (47x), Eric Riggins Jr. (47R), A.J. Maddox (3A), Aaron Reutzel (8), Danny Martin Jr. (24), Danny Smith (66), Christopher Thram (24T), Carson McCarl (27), Tony Bruce Jr. (12H), Ryan Harrison (197), Dale Howard (47), Dustin Gates (6), Johnny Gilbertson (22), Garrett Green (82), Greg Wilson (97W), Ricky Peterson Jr. (2P), Davie Franek (28F), Paul Colagiovanni Jr. (10), Shane Evans (87X), Tim Shaffer (28)


Feature: Codey Benoit (5x), Jeff Isabell Jr. (14), Brent Begolo (16), Larry Hubbard Jr. (56), Anthony Stewart (33K), Sean Iftody (27), Rob Misener (6), Jeff Bonnema (5B), Josh Sliter (17), Austin Martin (97), Ryleigh Sliter (17x), J.T. Joiner (6J), Randy Giroux (88), Thomas Walsh (32T), Morghan Johnson (1), Bo Bass (41B), Kyle Demo (22)