While the June 17 event was considered a complete show before rain cancelled three of the scheduled features, a schedule change has been made to give the three classes a make-up date.

1 – 604 Late Models – An additional date has been added to the schedule on Sept. 30 as a makeup for the June 17 event. On that night, it will be features only for Late Models, using the lineup from June 17. Any additional cars will be added to the back of the field.

The previously scheduled Sept. 9 event is not impacted by the June 17 and will be a separate event.

2 – V-8 Warriors and Gladiators will have double features on Sept. 30, using the lineups from June 17.

3 – DRIVERS ONLY from the three affected divisions may use their wristbands from June 17 at any event up to and including September 30.