Peacock, Bernhardt and Brown Gain East Bay Victories

With only three weeks remaining in the 2021 season, point battles got a little more interesting during the six-division program that kicked off the month of December.

The 604 Late Models saw a first time winner as Josh Peacock was finally able to capture a victory in the 30-lap feature after coming so close so many times. Peacock was the beneficiary of an unfortunate turn of events for early race leader Steve Mathis Jr., who was denied a third straight victory on lap 11 after an apparent suspension failure. Peacock made the best of the opportunity for the win, turning around his fortunes from his own mishap in the heat race when he lost the lead after being pinned behind a lapped car. Nevin Gainey and Mathis were credited with heat wins.

The final night of the Gagel’s Modified season saw Bryan Bernhardt capture his third win of the year. In doing so, Bernhardt captured another track championship in the class. Bernhardt took the lead from Austin Sanders on the fourth lap and ran a determined race. Heat wins went to Seth Geary and Eric Moon.

Nick Brown was dominant in the V-8 Warrior 15-lapper. Brown drove to the inside in a four-wide race for the lead on the first lap and never allowed anyone to pass en route to his seventh feature win of the season, adding a few more precious points to the cushion he holds going into the class finale on Dec. 18. George Handy topped the field to nail down the heat.

A field of 16 Q Mini Sprints included a few newcomers, but a familiar name made a return appearance in victory. Point leader Bruce Comer added his fifth main, fighting off nephew Bryce at the checkers. Bryce and Kenny Brewer had scored preliminary wins.

Austin Martin capped his season with his seventh win of the year. Martin, a two-time track champion, will be prevented from competing in the class finale due to his work schedule. By finishing second, Alex cline captured the division title. Martin and Cline were heat winners.

A first time winner captured the Gladiator 15-lap feature with Patrick Tabb holding off heat winner Robert Kissam and point leader Charles Paris Jr. Wayne Kissam also won his heat.

Racing resumes on Saturday, dec. 11 with the running of non-wing Top Gun Sprints Don Rehm Classic. The race will be the final event for the series. Point leader Tyler Clem would only need to start the feature to clinch the 2021 title. In addition. The program will feature the final 2021 appearances of the 602 Late Models, Street Stocks, Q Micro Sprints and Gladiators.


Feature: Josh Peacock (2), Doug Horton (46), Jeff Mathews (33), Nevin Gainey (17), Jimmy Waldrop (9), Brenden Smith (17ss), Cody Overton (97), Cole Crawford (4), Bruce Harvey (27), Steve Mathis Jr. (95), Shan Smith (32), Joshua Kunstbeck (11K), Randy Thomas (4R), John Norris (87), Thomas Burnside (13). DNS – Robert Gast (12). DQ – Austin Yarborough (127)


Feature: Bryan Bernhardt (B69), Seth Geary (7G), Austin Sanders (64), eric Moon (18), Jason Jack (54), Scott Bane (23B), Patrick Passanise (333), Jason Russell (75R), Paul Rivall (15R), Roger Crouse (15). DNS – Tim McLeod (192), Cam Canova (6), Don Crandall (9c)


Feature: Bruce Comer (21), Bryce Comer (9), Kenny Brewer (45), Charles Landis (12), Brad Sutton (9), Joe Askew (78j), Doug Dyal (97D), David Hall (67), Austin Craddock (17), Justin Orr (98), Jo Jo Davis (21W), Chris Diamond (94), Joe Bartow (3), John Craddock (71), Josh Davis (7s), John Inman (59x)


Feature” Nick Brown (12), George Handy (105), Wayne Kissam (107), Jason Burnside (12j), Justin Scarberry (24), Mark Roadarmel Jr. (81)


Feature: Austin Martin (97), Alex Cline (07c), Jeff Bonnema (5B), Dylan Dunn (22), Terry Joiner (6), Jeff Wolfe (83), Rocky Scott (4), Anthony Stewart (33), Brodrick Kennedy (24), Zach Peters (41B), Bo Bass (97D).


Feature: Patrick Tabb (03), Robert Kissam (911), Thomas Adams (T2), Charles Paris Jr. (03T), Wayne Kissam (07), Davey Martin (55), Rodney Martin (21), Josh Genarie (93P), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Britt Mann (4×4), Derrick Edwards (17), Ricky Rutledge Sr. (4), Jeff Smith (150, David Kincaid (x26), David Zeman (13), Kyle Kruse (46), DNS – David Wood (3D)