602 Late Model Rules Addendum

ADDENDUM TO SHOCK RULES – Effective May 27, 2021
1 – Seven (7) shocks allowed on car MAXIMUM (1 LF, 1 RF, 2 LR, 1 Fifth Coil and 1 90/10 over rear end)
2 – Shocks can be steel or aluminum
3 – Non-adjustable shocks only, no remote reservoirs
4 – No thru-rod or J-damper shocks allowed. No air shocks. No dump shocks.
5 – Schrader valves and piercing valves for gas replacement/adjustment OK
6 – Shock claim rule is $250 per shock. You must finish on the lead lap and in the top 3 to claim shocks. Any driver finishing in the top 3 may claim shocks from any car that finished in the top 3. Shock claim does not include springs or coilover kits, but it does include anything attached to the shock shaft (bump stops, bump springs, shock/extensions)