2021 Ford 4.6 Rules

Spirit of the rules!! This class has been created to provide a less expensive way to enter stock car racing. KEEPING THE CARS AS CLOSE TO STOCK WILL BE THE PRIORITY OF THIS CLASS. Changes not listed in these rules will not be allowed. All Cars must pass thru an inspection by head Tech man before entering any event.
A: Cars: ONLY Ford Crown Victorias, Mercury Grand Marquis or Lincoln Town Car 1991 or newer
B: DRIVERS: Must wear a clearly labeled racing helmet that meets or exceeds the 2015 SA Snell or SFI 31.2 standards. Fireproof firesuit, racing shoes and racing gloves are mandatory. The use of a neck brace is mandatory (neck collar or Hans-type device).
C: CAR NUMBER: Numbers must appear on both front doors and roof. Numbers must be a minimum of 18” tall and have a 3-inch line width. Numbers must be in contrast with the car body color (i.e., light vs. dark). Roof numbers must face the passenger side of the car.
D: TECH: ALL cars must go through a safety inspection by head Tech man at its first visit to track. After features completion, Top 3 finishers and any other cars selected by Tech will go to tech for inspection. Driver and one crew member can assist with tech on those cars.
E: CHEATING: First offense will bring driver and car disqualification from that event as well as a one-race suspension for the next event for class at the track. Second offense will result in driver being disqualified from that event and assessed a $300 fine as well as being banned from competing in this class for 180 days from that event. Driver will not be allowed to re-enter class until acter fine has been satisfied.
A: ENGINE: Ford 4.6L SOHC engines only. Must remain completely stock. Computers and manifolds must remain stock. Must have a working data port to check computers. Cold air intake or aftermarket air intakes are allowed.
B: FUEL: Gasoline only. No E-85 or methanol allowed.
C: RADIATOR: Must contain water only (no additives)
D: FUEL KILL SWITCH: In rear of deck or behind driver’s roll cage or kill all switch if battery is relocated.
E: BATTERY: May remain in stock location or be relocated and covered in a secure battery box. If relocated, Kill All switch behind driver’s roll cage is mandatory.
F: EXHAUST: Mufflers ARE MANDATORY AT EAST BAY RACEWAY PARK. Muffler must be in working condition before, during and after completion of event. OEM replacement mufflers only. No cherry bomb, glass packs or high performance mufflers. Catalytic converters may be replaced with a pipe (Note: There are oxygen sensors on some years that need to be there for engine to run properly.
G: TRANSMISSION: Must remain entirely stock
H: REAR END: You may weld the spider gears or use factory/aftermarket posi-traction lockers.
A: ROLL CAGE: Must be a minimum four-point cage with 1-1/4-inch .095 tubing with four curved door bars on the driver’s side. Straight bars can be used on the passenger side. A driver’s door plate must be welded or bolted on the outside of driver’s door bars. Door plate must be a minimum of 18 gauge or .049 thickness. Door plate must go from top door bar to bottom door bar and from rear hoop bar to a minimum 5” in front of seat. NO down tubes attaching to cage uprights. Roll cage must be welded in place to the frame, not to floor of interior.
B: SEAT AND BELTS: A racing seat is required as well as a five-point racing harness, BELTS CAN BE NO OLDER THAN 3 YEARS WITH CLEARLY MARKED MANUFACTURER DATES ON THEM. Seat belts must be securely fastened in place with a minimum 1/2” Grade 8 bolts and fastened to a solid frame or to roll cage. DO NOT MOUNT SEAT BELTS TO THE FLOORPAN ALONE.
C: WINDOW NETS: A properly mounted window net is mandatory and must be used at all times on track. Must have a working latch that can be reached from outside of the car.
D: STEERING COLUMN: Must remain in stock factory location, Adding a quick connect steering wheel hub will be allowed.
E: WINDSHIELD: Must have two ½” bars in front of the driver. Metal screen minimum 1” x 1” holes should cover entire windshield area. All glass must be removed, including mirrors on doors or inside. NO MIRRORS ALLOWED IN CAR.
F: DASH: Must be in stock location but does not have to remain stock, airbags must be removed from anywhere on car.
H: BALLAST: Minimum weight 2900 lbs after completion of event. NO adding of weight anywhere on car. Track may add weight to any competitor at any time to level competition. Any added weight shall be painted red and have car number legibly painted on it.
A: SUSPENSION: NO altering of suspension in any manner. Sway bar and its components may be removed. NO spacers of any kind. NO air rides. NO cutting, heating, stretching or shortening of springs. Factory or OEM shocks and springs only. Springs MAY NOT be cut and must be the same size from side to side. 2” hole allowed above rear shocks to access the top shock nut. Shocks must be Monroe, KYB, Ford Factory OEM replacement or sensitrack, NO RACING SHOCKS!!
B: CASTER & CAMBER: You may adjust as factory adjustments allow. NO other modifications. Factory length bolts must remain in upper control arm mounts. Mounts, A-frames and all steering components must remain entirely stock. NO silicone bushings allowed, OEM bushings only.
C: TIRES: DOT tires only. NO studded snow tires or snow chains.
D: WHEELS: Stock aluminum, steel, barts or Ranger wheels. All four wheels must be the same size and offset. NO offset wheels on cars 2001 or newer. NO racing wheels. NO wheel spacers.
E: BUMPERS: Must remain stock or replaced with a single 1-3/4” round tubing steel bumper. Ends must turn back toward frame. Any sharp edges or points must be addressed. A steel tubing towing hoop is recommended welded to the top of the front bumper. Hoop can be no wider than three inches past the frame rails. NO rear bracing to hoop.
F: HOOD/TRUNK: Must have hood-type pins for easy access by track officials. NO bolting down or welding shut. Louvers in hood or hood scoop allowed.
G: CAR CLAIMER: To claim a car, you must be on the lead lap, car must have finished in front of you and claim must be in writing with proper claim form available from Head Tech man. Claim paperwork and $3,000 (cash) must be presented to Head Flagman on front straight. Claim must be made before leaving racing surface to pits. Claim must be filed with Head Flagman before picture taking session is complete. If driver of claimed car finishes Victory Lane ceremonies, and is headed to the pits, claim will no longer be allowed. Driver of claimed car may take seat and belts from car.
H: MAJOR INFRACTIONS: If you have been caught with any performance-enhancing computers or aftermarket parts, the car and driver will be banned from the Ford 4.6 class permanently!!