We are Racing Tonight

East Bay Raceway Park Statement

After careful and deliberate consideration of the events currently affecting our world, East Bay Raceway Park has made the decision to continue business as usual for the foreseeable future. That decision includes continuation of our regular schedule of events, including tonight’s (March 14) racing program.

This decision is based in large part on an understanding that our competitors, staff and spectators can and will employ common sense in their actions. While headlines have been dominated by large scale sports shutdowns, most businesses are operating as normal throughout the area without undue panic. Countless officials have proclaimed the need for common sense in matters of hygiene and personal conduct and we support those statements. It is an individual’s responsibility and the burden should not be placed on others to do the thinking for that individual.

These times are without precedent and our resiliency has gotten us through past challenges. We will continue to monitor the ever-changing world and make decisions based on the best interests of our staff and customers for the future. For now, let’s go racing.