Minors in the Pit Area

Please read the information below and call with any questions.

It is the biological parents or legal guardians responsibility to have the proper minor release form signed before a minor can enter the pit area at East Bay Raceway Park.  If both biological parents are present at the track with the minor and sign the minor release form in front of our employee, no notary is needed.  If one of the biological parents are  with the minor but one is not, we need the form printed off the website in color, filled out by the absent parent and notarized.  One side of the form is for the parent’s name and the other side is for the minor’s name.  Please fill this form out carefully and correctly or it will be no good.   If a minor is being brought to the track by a Grandparent, a Step-parent or any other family member or a friend, we will need both parents to complete a form each and have it notarized and send with the minor to the track.   If the minor comes without the form, they will not be allowed into the pit area.   This does not apply to the grandstands, only the pit area. If you have any questions, or if you need a copy of the notarized form to complete, please come by or contact the track office during the week.