2020 Late Model Sportsman Rules




2020 East Bay Raceway Park

Late Model Sportsman Rules

For the 2020 season, we will be going by the Florida Late Model Rules with the following exceptions. All other rules will be by the 2020 Florida Late Model Rules.

The East Bay Raceway Park tire rule for the Late Model Sportsman regular season events will be the Hoosier Spec HTS 1350 and the Spec 1600 with no grooving, siping or chemical treatment of any type for either tire.   There will be a 4-week burn off period for the Hoosier HTS Spec 1300 to be used up.

Hoosier Crate Racin USA 21 or 55s are not legal in the Late Model Sportsman class at all.

For any” Florida Late Model Series” sanctioned event the tire rule is dictated by the “Florida Late Model Series officials.


Muffler Rule for both East Bay Raceway Park Late Model Sportsman and Florida Late Model Series at East Bay Raceway Park:  Mufflers are mandatory at all times.  Schoenfeld #112535 or #112530 are the only legal mufflers.  They must be in working order and on car during and after the completion of every event.  Any car measuring more than 98 decibels at trackside even with mufflers will be checked and required to get below 98 decibels.

TIRE PROTEST PROCEDURES:  Any driver wishing to protest any driver finishing ahead of them in heat or feature, may protest any or all tires on the car if they properly follow procedures.  Driver or car owner must get proper protest form from EBRP head Tech man and properly fill out form.  Then driver must present properly filled out form along with $125(cash only) for each tire being protested to Flagman on front straightaway immediately following completed heat or feature.   If protesting driver leaves the racing surface without filing protest, protest will not be allowed.  Flagman will then alert EBRP tech and samples will be taken of all tires protested.  Samples will be sent to Blue Ridge Labs for analysis.  Any tire not conforming to benchmark levels for that particular tire from Hoosier Tire will be declared illegal.  If tires are found to illegal, driver will lose all points and monies for that event and will be required to pay a $200 fine before returning to competition at EBRP.  This protest fee is non-refundable as it will be sent to cover costs of analysis.